The Slivered Gold Of Dying Days

The outfit is nothing to write home about (or, rather, nothing to blog about), but between NaNoWriMo, my script reading, helping my sister taking care of my niece (she’s getting better though, thank Heavens), and taking care of the garden and animals while my dad is away (we have chickens now, so that means more work), I just want something simple. Stripes, skinny jeans, and sensible shoes fit the bill. Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I finished the second story, but it’s less than 3,000 words, so looks like I’m going to have to write more than 10 shorts. Is it cheating if I translate the stories I’ve finished into Vietnamese so that I could submit them?… Yeah, I think it is. Maybe once my well for short story ideas runs dry (it’s not a very deep well, I tell you), I should dig out my novel ideas, and write as much as I could. Even writing half a novel is better than writing none at all.

Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Target, Loafers: thrifted, Necklace: Modcloth
Post title: lyric from Snow Patrol’s Engines (I found a bunch of videos for “how to get your car out of the snow” while looking for this song. Understandably, but I still think it’s pretty funny.)


Women’s Day

Tomorrow, October 20th, is Women’s Day in Vietnam, which we celebrate by giving women overpriced flowers and gifts. When my dad found out it was actually the day the Women’s Union of Vietnam was founded back in 1930, he got into this whole rant about how commercialization is robbing these days of their meanings (we also celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, and people give women flowers and cards on that day too.) I agree with him, but that got me thinking – why do we need a day (or two, in this case) devoted to women? Shouldn’t we do that all the time? And don’t tell me it’s for feminism and stuff. If anything, these days only give some men excuses to treat women like crap the rest of the time. Back in high school I always felt so awkward receiving flowers from the boys in my class on Women’s Day. I felt like I was being treated differently because of my gender -the exact opposite of what feminism is about. I would much rather the money spent on flowers and gifts be used to help the women who actually need it.

And that concludes my serious discussion of the day. Though I do find it fitting that this outfit is the most tomboy thing I’ve worn all week (it’s a direct rip-off of this, down to the patent loafers.)

Shirt: Amazon (I think? It was old. I got it along with some books to get the free shipping deal)
Jeans: Forever21, Loafers: thrifted, Bracelets: from Sapa

Spring Flowers

Usually when looking for a location to take pictures for the blog,  I pay more attention to the lighting than to how my outfit would look against the background. Though there are several instances where my outfits matched the locations, most of those were accidental.

This outfit, on the other hand, is directly inspired by the location itself. I was walking home from the bus stop one afternoon and saw how beautifully the setting sun hit these orchid rock-roses, so I filed it away as a possible location. Then when I was thinking of what to pair with this dress, I remembered the pink flowers against the green and pulled out my embroidered cardigan – and it worked!

Dress: Target (thrifted), Cardigan & Shoes: thrifted
Sweater clips: self-made from vintage earrings

Alley Cat

Not much to say about the outfit, except that it’s only Day 2 of 30 Days of Dresses and I already have to stop myself from reaching for the jeans. Good thing it’s been warm lately (never thought I’d say that!), which helps.

I took these pictures at an alley near my apartment. It has the best sunset, but it’s behind some business, so during the week it’s always full of cars. I learned this the hard way when I went there one Monday and almost got ran over. And the title isn’t just a phrase – I did see a kitty there, but he ran off before I could take a picture.

It looks like I was landing after using a Portkey

Dress: Forever21, Cardigan: Target
Loafers: Payless (thrifted), Brooch: vintage

“That’s the only kind of target she’ll ever hit”

This outfit is actually from a while ago, but I’m trying to plan posts ahead of time, because I know I’ll be too busy later this month, what with the move and all. Speaking of that, I just packed and shipped my 85lbs of books today, so please excuse me while I go have a bit of a lie-down.

I saw this arrow pin during one of my late night Etsy-browsing sessions (I really need to stop doing that) and bought it because it reminds me of May’s archery pin from The Age of Innocence:

Blouse: Loft (thrifted), Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Forever21, Loafers: Payless (thrifted)
Pin: Oldish, Post title: quote from The Age of Innocence


So the next ABC’s of Style challenge is “D for Dressed On A Dollar.” Obviously my entire outfit doesn’t cost a dollar, but not counting the outerwear, the most expensive items are actually the thigh-high socks. And even when you count the coat and brooch, they’re not that much more expensive either.

My sister actually made the embroidery on the sweater, which you can barely see in the awkward boob shot there. I wish she had chosen a more contrasty thread, but her matchy matchy OCD is even worse than mine; besides, it’s free, so I’m not complaining 🙂

Sweater: hand-me-down from my sister, Skirt: thrifted
Loafers: thrifted, Socks: Buffalo Exchange, Belt: from home
Coat: Forever 21 (thrifted), Brooch: vintage

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Raindrops On Roses

I got this dress from Modcloth’s spring sale, but it turned out to be trickier to style than I thought, because even though it’s sleeveless, the material is too thick and the color too dark for summer. That’s why it’s been hanging in my closet for the past 6 months, waiting for fall so that I can layer it.

I didn’t want to just put a cardigan over it and call it a day, so I decided to wear this shirt underneath instead. The end result is a bit more... Maria Von Trapp than I expected (hence the post title, also because of my rose-printed shirt), but I like it. Consider this an early Halloween costume 🙂

Dress: Modcloth
Shirt: Handmade Store
Shoes: Payless, thrifted
Post title: from the lyric of My Favorite Things (I actually prefer John Coltrane’s version)