SIA: Space Tourism Poster

Welcome to another SIA round-up! This week our inspiration is this space tourism poster, one of many created by the Jet Propulsion Lab for NASA, featuring Venus. Everybody is crushing it this week, so let’s get to it!

First up is Jodie, who sent me her outfit a mere 2 hours (!!!) after I posted the inspiration. That’s got to be some sort of record. Plus, her outfit is super on-point:

Up next is Mike, who went with something simple but spot-on as well:

My co-host Jen, like me, doesn’t have any blush pink in her wardrobe, so she went with gray and tan instead. She even had a “dome” of sort, with her umbrella:

Jen also said that the dome in the poster reminded her of the Tacoma Dome, and after looking at the picture, I have to agree:

As an added bonus, Jen also sent along this photo of her with her mom and her brother back in 1979, all of whom seem to be channeling the poster in their outfits. Time-traveling SIA, this is a first! (Also, isn’t Jen the spitting image of her mom?!)

Our other co-host, Erin, wished she had a gray skirt for this, but I’d say her blush top and silver sandals are pretty much perfect:

Trust Kezzie to always come up with the sweet/romantic look regardless of the inspiration. She also includes a photo of the rose in her garden, with colors to match the poster:

Xat didn’t manage to take a photo of herself in this outfit, so she put it on a dress form and placed it against the perfect backdrop:

Finally, here’s me:

And that wraps up another successful SIA. Don’t forget to check back next week for Jen’s inspiration!

Cloud 9

Believe it or not, the starting point for this SIA outfit, inspired by the space tourism poster of Venus, is my necklace. Doesn’t it look exactly like the design of the ” Cloud 9 Observatory” on the poster? After that, it’s just a matter of grabbing the pieces with the right colors – no blush or millennial pink for me, but these tan wide-leg pants and my sandals are close enough, I think.

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for the full round-up of all outfits (and some other things) inspired by this poster. It’s going to be fun!

More Of The Same

This is pretty much a more casual version of my outfit on Wednesday – same shoes, another white button-up shirt but looser and with short sleeves, and distressed boyfriend jeans instead of black ankle pants. I saw a similar outfit on my favorite Japanese style blog and thought I’d give it a try. Of course, it looks much more effortless on the website than on me, but I’ve long given up on looking effortless. Effortless on me would just look sloppy, like I literally make no effort, so, no.

One Step Back

My schedule has calmed down a bit, mostly because I’ve had to turn down a couple of freelance projects – I really can’t take on any more work now. I won’t say that I’m a workaholic, though I do feel uncomfortable whenever I am not working on something – even if it’s just a blog post – or reading something or watching something for school (mindless TV doesn’t count). My mind can’t stand being idle. But sometimes it can be overloaded like it did the past two weeks, and sometimes I would find myself doing something mindless just to give it a break. That’s why I decided to cut back a bit on my freelancing.

And, with my mind free to think about something else other than scripts and stories for once, I’m beginning to reintroduce colors and patterns into my outfits. I still can’t spare more than five minutes to think about what I’m going to wear and the outfits are still going to be very basic (like here), but at least they wouldn’t look so… blank anymore.

SIA Inspiration: Space Tourism Poster

It’s another week of SIA, and as the host, I decided to pick something a bit fun for this week:

That, my friends, is a space travel poster created by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the California Institute of Technology. JPL created a series of posters for exoplanets, in the style of vintage travel posters, to celebrate NASA’s study of these planets, and the series then got expanded to include planets in our Solar System as well. They’re all really cool in an old-school sci-fi sort of way. You can learn more about the posters here and download them for free here.

It took me a while to decide which poster to choose because they’re all great. In the end, I decided on the Venus one because of all the soft colors (including millennial pink, which is very on trend right now). It has some fun geometric shapes and a touch of metallic texture as well, so there are a lot for you guys to interpret. Remember to send me your outfits by next Tuesday, May 23rd, and I’ll post the round-up on Wednesday. Enjoy!

Different Shoes

At first, I wore this outfit with my black wedge sandals, but then I realized I have been wearing them a lot – in all but one of my outfits this month so far – so I decided to switch to my nude sandals instead. In hindsight, I realized that the black wedges may have been a better choice because they help to balance out the dark-colored top and the light-colored bottom. Ah well, it’s too late now. And besides, I needed to break up the monotony. With a different kind of monotony.


I just want to let you guys know that posting will be a bit sporadic from now until the end of May. I will try to stick to a Monday – Wednesday – Friday schedule. It’s finals time, which is always busy, plus this year I’m the thesis advisor for three graduating students on top of my usual classes, so I’ve got extra work to do. Yay.

Looking back at my archive, I realize I could always tell when my schedule was crazy, because that’s when my outfits start to lose colors and patterns – I think my brain can only handle so much. I’m afraid the next few outfits are going to be just as colorless and patternless as this one.

Another housekeeping thing: I’m going to do away with the “naming the brand” thing at the end of the post where I list each item in my outfit and what brand it’s from. There is no link and I’m not making any money from the blog, so who cares, right? If you guys want to know where a particular item is from, you can always shoot me a question in the comment.