Hobby Blogging

This outfit is nothing to write home about, but I was quite excited to add the fun socks to liven it up. And that excitement about the outfit suddenly got me wondering why I was doing this, putting such thoughts into my outfits and photographing them and blogging about them when they’re not likely to make any difference in the world and certainly not any money. But then I realized it was simply because I enjoy doing it. It’s a hobby, and much like any other hobby, I do it for fun.

In fact, I believe that the moment you can monetize your hobby, then it’s no longer a hobby. The pressure for financial gain would drain all the fun from it. I do admit, there was a time when I felt a bit pressured to “generate content” for the blog or whatever, especially when I first started out, but now I view it as my personal journal and don’t really care how many people read it (that said, if you’re still reading this, thank you!)

Striped Embroideries

For this week’s SIA, inspired by an 18th-century embroidery sample, I immediately knew I’d wear this embroidered sweatshirt. The bottom, however, required a bit of thinking. I could pair it with my black or gray jeans and be done with it, but I wanted to do something a little different, so in the end, I decided to layer the sweatshirt on top of this striped dress to reflect the striped background of the sample. Finishing off is my trusted pair of embroidered boots, just in case there aren’t enough embroideries in this outfit.

Don’t forget to check Daenel’s blog for more outfits inspired by this work!

A Whale Of A Time

I’m very excited about the cool weather – it’s sunny in the photos, but it’s actually pretty crisp – and this smiling whale brooch perfectly captures my mood (my sister just went on a trip and this is her present for me. She knows me well.) Look at how content he is! I know I’m going to whine in about a month or so when the cold snaps start arriving and the days are gray and depressing, but for now, I’m enjoying myself.

Sock It To Me

What’s this? A sweatshirt? Jeans? Socks?!!! That’s right, friends, fall weather has truly arrived in Hanoi. It’s been hovering around the edge of the days for a while now, but this past week, after some heavy rain, we can put away our fans and summer clothes and finally enjoy the cooler weather. It means I can bring out the fun socks I’ve been saving since the summer – I got a bunch of them in an end-of-season sale, so expect to see a lot of them in the weeks to come!

My socks have cats on them, so I figured it made sense to feature a photo of my dog (my cats are lazy and hid in my blanket at the first hint of the cold)

SIA Inspiration: Jean-Francois Bony

This week, Daenel is our SIA host, and here is her pick for the inspiration:

It’s an embroidery sample in the style of Jean-Francois Bony, a French embroiderer and silk manufacturer famous for being the fabric designer for Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. Of course, the embroidery itself is the main focus, but I think the stripes of the background fabric could also be an unexpected source of inspiration as well. Just remember to send your outfits to Daenel (livingoutsidethestacks@gmail.com) by next Tuesday, November 18th. Enjoy!


I had an outfit planned for today, but then it started raining right before I left, so I had to put together an entirely different outfit – these pants because they’re going to dry quickly if they get wet, these shoes because the patent leather is waterproof, and this top because it was the only thing I had left that doesn’t require ironing. Of course, taking outfit photos is out of the question, but when I got to work and glanced at the hallway mirror, I thought the outfit didn’t look half bad, considering I literally threw it on five minutes before I left home. So when I got back in the afternoon, I decided to grab a few quick photos. I guess sometimes it’s best not to overthink an outfit.

SIA: Crocheted Leaves

Welcome to another week of SIA! As a reminder, this week’s inspiration is Susanna Bauer’s crocheted leaves. We have a small group today, so let’s get to it.

First up is my co-host Daenel, who picked an embroidered sweatshirt and brown boots to reflect the crochet and the leaves:

My other co-host, Kim, found inspiration from the rust tones and finished her outfit with a crocheted necklace:

Leslie chose a printed blouse to mimic the crochet, paired with her knitted brown cardigan. Check out her blog to see the rest of her outfit, including a pair of western boots!

And finally, here’s me:

Thank you to everybody for participating! Don’t forget to check back next week for a new piece of inspiration, courtesy of Daenel.