SIA: Still Life With Irises

Welcome to the first SIA challenge of 2019! As a reminder, our inspiration this week is Van Gogh’s “Still Life with Irises“:

Everybody brought some fun and colorful looks to the table, so let’s hit it! First up, we have Bev, looking lovely in her floral blouse and maxi skirt:

Next is my co-host, Daenel, who chose to focus on the texture of the painting with her jeans and eyelet top:

Then it’s Leslie – she couldn’t find her ideal outfit, so she had to settle for her “typical uniform”, but I think she looks great:

Kezzie says she “nicked” elements from my outfit for her own – nothing wrong with that!

Finally, we have Kim, who chose her outfit to emphasize the rich texture of the gold background:

And here’s me (my second outfit will get its own post on Friday):

Big thanks to everybody for participating! You’ve certainly brightened up a dreary winter day. Remember to check back next week for Daenel’s pick, and if you’re interested in being a SIA co-host, there is still time! Email me or Daenel for details!


Blue Irises

I was so inspired by this week’s SIA painting, Van Gogh’s “Still Life with Irises”, that I put together two outfits. This is the first, and the second is going to be posted later in the week.

This outfit may be a little heavy on the greens and blues and a little light on the yellow, but I did it on purpose to let these socks shine. I have to confess: I picked this painting for SIA partly because of them. I got a few pairs of “famous painters” socks, but out of all of them, this painting is the easiest to interpret in an outfit, so I knew I just had to feature it in SIA.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, there is still time! And remember to check back on Wednesday to see how the other participants did!

Adventures In Watercolor 7

These may be the last watercolors I’m going to post in a while. I really should start painting again – I can feel myself getting rusty – but these past few weeks have been so insanely busy that I didn’t have the time or feel the inclination to take my brushes and colors out.

Anyway, here are some landscapes I did a while ago. I’m still struggling with shadows and reflections, as you can see. (These are all copies of existing paintings).

Back in October-November, I had enough free time to take another watercolor class, with a focus on landscapes, and the results certainly look better than the ones I did on my own:

I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing, or take another class if I can!

Belated Christmas

You know that weird limbo week between Christmas and New Year when you don’t know what day it is and what you’re supposed to do? It’s like that for us now, except it’s a whole month between Christmas/New Year and the Lunar New Year. We don’t have an official New Year celebration, but we do get a day off, and then it just kind of bleeds into the preparation for the Lunar New Year. It’s even more confusing at school because that was the end of our fall semester and now the new semester has started but nobody really wants to work because our minds are all on that long break.

Basically, we’re all tired and want a break, is what I’m saying.

Anyway, this was what I actually wore for Christmas – it was a normal working day for us, so I just celebrated by adding a Christmas tree brooch to my blazer.

Speaking of which, check out this awesome tree at our school – can you guess what it’s made of? That’s right, it’s 35mm film! Only at a film school, right?

SIA Inspiration: Van Gogh 3.0

Welcome to the first SIA challenge of 2019! Here’s my pick:

This is Van Gogh’s classic “Still Life with Irises“. It’s not the first time I picked Van Gogh for SIA, but it is the first time I chose such a well-known piece. However, it’s been so cold and gray around here in the past few weeks that I just wanted something a little cheerful to brighthen the day; plus, it should be a fun and easy piece to interpret, a perfect start for the year. Remember to send your outifts to me ( by next Tuesday, January 15th. Enjoy!

Just as a reminder, our call for SIA co-host is still open until the end of January. Email me or Daenel ( for more details.

Proportion, Proportion

In my “Year in Reviews: Outfit” post, I mentioned that I’ve been focusing on the proportions in my outfits instead of colors and patterns. But that was after I put together this outfit – it has been freezing around here, so I’ve been posting old outfits from the last weeks of 2018.This outfit is an example of… what I shouldn’t have done. It was good in my imagination, but the proportion looked a little awkward in real life somehow. Maybe if the blazer was longer, it would look better. Well, you live and learn, right?

First Outfit Post Of 2019

Happy New Year! The past few years have been tough, and 2019 looks to be more or less the same, but at least we’re still here and still kicking it, right?

I was going to post some sort of retrospective about the last year and the state of blogging in general, given that many of my favorite blogs are getting shut down or moved to different platforms (Instagram, for example), but in the spirit of moving forward and not looking back, I decided to just go ahead with an outfit post, as usual. The truth is that, this blog has always been just a personal thing for me, so I never feel any pressure to make it more than what it is. During the heights of style blogging, about a year or so after I started the blog, I did try to expand it, but that quickly passed. I’m happy with the blog as it is right now – a documentation of my life – and if it helps me to be more mindful of what I wear, all the better 🙂