Black And White Flowers

This dress is a little shorter than I like (it’s a hand-me-down from my sister, she liked things just knee-length, while I prefer the hem to hit well below the knees), but I can’t pass up the perfect 1940s silhouette. The print, too, is a favorite of mine – I’m always partial to anything with a botanical feel. I haven’t worn a necklace in forever, but the print of this dress doesn’t go well with a brooch, so a necklace it is. Plus, it goes so well with the black-and-white print, doesn’t it?

Another Day, Another Green Dress

… from my sister. This one is actually from the same collection as my lotus-embroidered tunic. I bought the tunic and my sister bought the dress, but she said after she wore it a few times, the dress didn’t feel “her” somehow, so she passed it to me. Well, I don’t think it feels very “me” either (I prefer something with a collar, to be honest), but at least it fits my wardrobe more. And it gives me an opportunity to wear a necklace, which I haven’t done in so long – with the embroideries, a brooch feels too much, but that neckline is just the right shape for a necklace.

Cows In Landscape

This week’s SIA, inspired by Gunta St√∂lzl‘s tapestry “Cows in Landscape”, is truly a challenge and a half. If it was during the cooler months, I could try some layering and some sweaters/socks to reflect the colors and texture of the piece, but since it’s still pretty warm, I had to resort to mimicking the colors instead. In the end, I chose this dress because there are some stripey bits at the corners of the tapestry that remind me of this plaid, and to add some textures and colors, I paired it with my braided belt and clogs. Finally, for a nod at the title, I wore my cow necklace too, though my cow is a far cry from the cows in the tapestry. But hey, I’m nothing if not committed.

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Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Patty Carroll’s photo, “Booky“. It’s an outfit built around accessories. I knew I’d wear this book necklace (duh) and this eyeglass brooch (I count at least three pairs of glasses in the photo), but the rest of the outfit took some thinking. At first, I wanted to try some pattern mixing to mimic the chaos of the photo, but after some experiments, I decided on this dress instead – the color is similar to the curtains, and the print is a nod to all the prints (the wallpaper, the carpet, the woman’s dress, the lampshades). Still, I couldn’t give up the pattern mixing altogether, so I brought out my Kindle as an accessory as well. Besides, most of my books are on Kindle these days, so it seems natural to feature it in a book-themed outfit.

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Black And White And Coral

This week’s outfit for SIA, inspired by a 19th-century snuff bottle, took me longer than I expected. The colors are very simple – just black and white – but because there are some designs/patterns on the bottle, I wanted to reflect that in my outfit as well. However, after trying different pairings and being happy with none of them, I decided to went back to the first choice – this black turtleneck and white pants. With the turtleneck, it looks like I’m channeling Steve Jobs (or rather, Elizabeth Holmes), so I added my necklace for the touch of gold and coral on the bottle’s stopper, and its intricate design does mimic the design on the bottle as well. It just goes to show, it’s best not to overthink things.

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