SIA Inspiration: Oamul

Hi there! I’m still on vacation, but as usual, here’s my pick for this week’s SIA:

This adorable little animation is one in a series called “On the Road” by Chinese artist and illustrator Oamul. I picked it for several reasons: one, we’ve never used GIFs as our inspirations before; two, the title is really fitting as I’m traveling right now; and finally, this is a very common sight in Vietnam, so of course I like it.

Deadline is next Monday, July 3rd. My schedule is still all over the place, but I’ll be sure to post the round-up on Wednesday. Have fun!

Wine Country Mural

I had quite a hard time figuring out what to wear for this week’s SIA, inspired by a mural in Sonoma, CA. It’s super colorful, and you know that I don’t do colors, so what to do? Then I looked more closely at the mural and noticed that the painting of the town inside the word “Sonoma” features a hot-air balloon. Aha! I have a hot-air balloon shirt that is quite colorful, and there I had the base for my outfit. I was thinking of wearing my gray pants to mimic the background of the mural, but I already paired them together, so I ended up with these pants (the second time I’ve worn them for an SIA challenge) and my flat sandals to mimic the roof and the buildings in the mural. A bit of a stretch, to be sure, but I like it. Plus, it looks like the kind of outfit you’d wear on vacation to Sonoma (Erin, can you confirm?), so mission accomplished.

And speaking of vacation, I’m leaving later this week for a week-long family trip in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. We went Da Lat a couple of years ago, which is also a part of the Central Highlands, but this time we’re checking out a different town, so it’s pretty exciting. I’m still going post my SIA inspiration as usual, but other than that, I’ll see you guys next week!

SIA Inspiration: Greetings From Sonoma

It’s Erin’s turn to curate SIA, and since she is taking a trip to Sonoma (jealous!!!), she chose this wall art for this week’s SIA inspiration:

This is at the Fremont Diner in Sonoma, and it features a lot of fun colors and patterns to choose from. I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet, but I’m sure I’ll have fun finding out. Remember to send your outfits to Erin ( by next Monday, June 25th. Enjoy!

Midnight Blue

This week’s SIA is pretty easy for me. The two stand-out colors are blue and red, so I immediately knew I’d wear this navy dress with my red heels. The accessory required a bit more thoughts, though. Sadly I don’t have any brooch or pendant in the shape of a rooster or a violin-playing goat, but then I noticed that the lady in the painting has a heart shape on her top (is it her actual heart? You never know with Chagall), so I added my heart-shaped brooch.

I wore this to my students’ thesis defence last week (their thesis projects are feature film scripts, but they still have to present it in front of a committee). This was my first year as a thesis adviser – that may sound important, but honestly the work isn’t that different from what I do in my freelance script reading job. People ask for your advice, you tell them what they’re doing wrong, and then they don’t listen to you. I’m not surprised, really. One of the first things they teach you in screenwriting class is how to take criticism, but almost nobody knows how to do it.

Don’t forget to stop by Jen’s blog to see other interpretations of this painting!

SIA Inspiration: Marc Chagall 2.0

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers! It’s Jen’s turn to curate this week’s SIA challenge, and she picked “Coq Rouge dans la Nuit” (Red Rooster in the Night) by Marc Chagall:

It’s a fun painting (what’s up with that violin-playing goat?!) yet quite romantic in that typically off-beat Chagall way. The main color is blue, which I greatly appreciate, but there are also other details and pops of color that you can explore too. Just remember to send Jen ( your outfits by next Monday, June 5th. Have fun!

SIA: Space Tourism Poster

Welcome to another SIA round-up! This week our inspiration is this space tourism poster, one of many created by the Jet Propulsion Lab for NASA, featuring Venus. Everybody is crushing it this week, so let’s get to it!

First up is Jodie, who sent me her outfit a mere 2 hours (!!!) after I posted the inspiration. That’s got to be some sort of record. Plus, her outfit is super on-point:

Up next is Mike, who went with something simple but spot-on as well:

My co-host Jen, like me, doesn’t have any blush pink in her wardrobe, so she went with gray and tan instead. She even had a “dome” of sort, with her umbrella:

Jen also said that the dome in the poster reminded her of the Tacoma Dome, and after looking at the picture, I have to agree:

As an added bonus, Jen also sent along this photo of her with her mom and her brother back in 1979, all of whom seem to be channeling the poster in their outfits. Time-traveling SIA, this is a first! (Also, isn’t Jen the spitting image of her mom?!)

Our other co-host, Erin, wished she had a gray skirt for this, but I’d say her blush top and silver sandals are pretty much perfect:

Trust Kezzie to always come up with the sweet/romantic look regardless of the inspiration. She also includes a photo of the rose in her garden, with colors to match the poster:

Xat didn’t manage to take a photo of herself in this outfit, so she put it on a dress form and placed it against the perfect backdrop:

Finally, here’s me:

And that wraps up another successful SIA. Don’t forget to check back next week for Jen’s inspiration!

Cloud 9

Believe it or not, the starting point for this SIA outfit, inspired by the space tourism poster of Venus, is my necklace. Doesn’t it look exactly like the design of the ” Cloud 9 Observatory” on the poster? After that, it’s just a matter of grabbing the pieces with the right colors – no blush or millennial pink for me, but these tan wide-leg pants and my sandals are close enough, I think.

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for the full round-up of all outfits (and some other things) inspired by this poster. It’s going to be fun!