Patchwork Girl

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Anne Ryan’s “Number 453” (it looks like patchwork, hence my post title), I knew I’d wear something blue and something plaid, both of which I have plenty of in my closet. However, I didn’t want to wear my blue jean culottes again, and my plaid shirt doesn’t quite match the colors of the piece.

Then, by a stroke of luck, I came across this plaid dress at an online thrift store, so I snatched it up. The problem is, I didn’t realize it was an empire-waist dress (that’s the thing with thrifting online; the photos can look deceiving) and the top is too short on me. Luckily, the waist is elasticated, so I could just unbutton the top, tuck it into the waistband, and voila, I have a skirt! I paired it with my blue linen shirt, brown oxfords, and navy belt, and it’s a perfectly acceptable outfit for SIA. I thought about chopping off the top of the dress to turn it into a skirt permanently, but in the end, I decided to keep it as a dress. That way, I can wear it both as a skirt and a dress.

Don’t forget to check out Daenel’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this piece!

SIA Inspiration: Anne Ryan

It’s Daenel’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick for the inspiration:

This mixed-media piece is called “Number 453” by abstract expressionist Anne Ryan. Daenel picked it because she thinks we all need something soothing after the last few challenging weeks (true that). I think the fabric pieces at the center can be easily translated into an outfit, and I’m going to have to try hard not to bring out my blue jean culottes again. We’ll see…

Remember to send your outfits to Daenel ( by next Tuesday, June 30th. Have fun!

Triple Portrait

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Kehinde Wiley’s “Triple Portrait of Charles II“, I immediately knew I’d wear this top and these culottes (which means I’ve worn the culottes for SIA twice in a row). I thought about wearing my silver-vine brooch to mimic the silvery vines in the painting, but it gets lost in the print of the top, so I went with this safer choice instead. For the shoes, luckily I just bought these lace-up flats – they’re new, and I know I’ve made a point to only buy secondhand, but they were on deep sale, so I couldn’t resist. Plus, they’re perfect for the challenge.

If you haven’t sent me your outfits, you still have until tomorrow. And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this gorgeous work of art!

SIA Inspiration: Kehinde Wiley

It’s my turn to host SIA, and in light of recent events, I thought I’d take this opportunity to honor a black artist, so here is my pick:

This is “Triple Portrait of Charles II” by Kehinde Wiley, probably best known for his portrait of President Obama. His paintings feature black people posing in the style of the Old Masters (the above painting is, of course, a nod to Van Dyck’s Charles I in Three Positions) against gorgeously intricate backdrops of foliage, flowers, and other designs. I picked the above painting because the colors – blue, silver/gray, brown, and black – are easiest for me to replicate in an outfit, but you should definitely check out his other works here and here.

Remember to send your outfits to me by next Tuesday, June 16th. To continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement, go here. Stay strong and stay safe.

Liberty Head

I really had no idea what I was going to wear for this week’s SIA, inspired by Peter Max’s pop art print “Liberty Head“. It features a lot of bright colors that I don’t have in my closet (bright pink, turquoise blue, yellow), and I don’t have anything in the stars-and-stripes theme that wouldn’t feel like I was shoehorning it to fit the inspiration. In the end, I decided to just go with the colors and picked out some pieces that kinda go together. I’m very pleased with these green heels – the colors and the cut-outs perfectly echo the crown of Lady Liberty – but the rest of the outfit is just so-so to me. Oh well.

Don’t forget to check Kim’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this print!