Blue Enamel

Confession time: I didn’t wear this outfit for SIA. I had a different outfit in mind for this week’s SIA, inspired by Van Gogh’s “Still Life with Blue Enamel Coffeepot, Earthenware and Fruit“, including this pair of mustard pants (another pair of wide-leg pants, I know, I know), my blue gingham shirt, and black heels. Alas, I didn’t get a chance to even wear the outfit, let alone to take photos of it, because I spent most of last week taking care of my dog, who got into a fight with a neighbor’s dog and was bitten pretty badly. Thankfully, the vet was able to stitch her up and she is stable and eating again, but it was quite a stressful couple of days.

So for this week’s SIA, I just looked through my existing outfit and picked the one that’s as close to the inspiration as I can get. I ended up choosing this one – just imagine my shoes are black and it’ll be perfect.

Here’s the poor silly thing, before she got hurt


SIA Inspiration: Van Gogh 4.0

It’s Kim’s turn to host SIA! It’s National Fruit and Vegetable month in the US (huh, who knew?) so she wanted to feature something with fruits and vegetables, and she picked this “Still Life with Blue Enamel Coffeepot, Earthenware and Fruit” by SIA’s favorite, Van Gogh:

There are a lot of fun colors, textures, and patterns here – the blue plaid, the grayish-blue of the table cloth (it almost looks like medium-washed jeans), the floral-on-black patterns of the cup and jug, and the bright yellow and orange of the fruits and the background. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Remember to send your outfits to Kim ( by next Tuesday, June 18th. Have fun!

Summer Flower

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Daenel’s photo of a pink/purple coneflower, I knew I wanted to wear my green linen pants – I only have a few green things in my closet, and given the weather, these pants were the natural choice. However, for the top, I was stumped. The other colors in the photos are pink, purple, golden yellow and dark orange, which are not very present in my closet, and I already wore a pink top with these green pants for another SIA challenge.

In the end, I decided to go with this embroidered top. Sure, it’s mainly white, but the colors of the embroideries can mimic the shades of pink/purple/red in the photo, and finally, I chose my brown oxfords for the yellow/orange shades (since I don’t actually have anything yellow or orange!) All in all, the outfit is not as close to the inspiration piece as I’d like, but at least it’s wearable and comfy. I’d rather have that than to force myself into some ridiculous getup just to meet the inspiration.

Don’t forget to check Daenel’s blog on Wednesday for other outfits inspired by this lovely photo!

SIA Inspiration: Coneflower

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers! It’s Daenel’s turn to host SIA, and she picked one of her own photos as the inspiration:

I love this because the flower makes it appropriate for spring, while the bright colors (which Daenel has kindly collected into a palette underneath the photo) is more summery – perfect for this transitional time, right? So get inspired, put together an outfit, and send it to Daenel ( by next Tuesday, June 4th. Have fun!

SIA: Women Admiring Plum Blossoms

Welcome to another week of SIA! This week, our inspiration is Suzuki Harunobu’s woodblock print “Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night“, and we have a variety of great looks, so let’s get to it!

First up is a regular SIA participant, Kezzie, who is back with a lovely embroidered dress with bell sleeves to mimic the kimono sleeves in the print:

Up next is our co-host, Daenel, looking lovely in a floral jumpsuit:

Our other co-host, Kim, chose to recreate the colors rather than the print itself, which results in a fun and funky outfit:

Leslie is also a long-time SIA participant, and she’s back with a gold-embroidered blouse. She also included a pose like the woman in the print – how fun!

Shugunna has been participating in the last few SIA challenges, but this is the first time I featured her on my blog, so welcome, Shugunna! She has not one but two lovely dresses for SIA:

And finally, here’s me:

And that’s it for another SIA challenge. Big thank to everybody for participating, and don’t forget to check back next week for new inspiration!

Reverse-Engineered SIA

When I pick the inspirations for SIA, I often have two approaches. Sometimes I’d see a work of art so cool that I have to feature it on SIA right away, regardless of whether I can recreate it in an outfit or not. Other times, though, I already have an outfit in mind and would find a painting to match. Reverse-engineering, so to speak.

This week’s SIA inspiration, the woodblock print “Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night” by Japanese artist Suzuki Harunobu, is a bit of both. I’ve saved the print on my Pinterest for a while but didn’t feature it on the blog because I didn’t know what I would wear for it. Then I saw this skirt. The color is perfect, and the pleats even mimic the stripes on the woman’s kimono. Top it off with my black printed top to reflect the dark background of the print, and we have a perfect SIA outfit, even if I say so myself.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow. And don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for all the looks inspired by this lovely woodblock print!

SIA Inspiration: Suzuki Harunobu

It’s again my turn to host SIA, and here is my pick:

Titled “Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night“, this is a print by Japanese artist Suzuki Harunobu (1725 – 1770). It’s perhaps a little late for blossom season, but I still love this for its elegant, poetic imagery and neutral color palette. The print on the woman’s kimono and the plum blossoms themselves can also be sources of inspiration for your outfit.

If you’re properly inspired, put together an outfit and send it to me by next Tuesday, May 21st. Have fun!