SIA Inspiration: Monkey Trading Card

It’s Daenel’s first time to host a SIA challenge, and she picks quite a striking piece as the inspiration:

This is a lithographic trading card issued by Allen & Ginter to promote their cigarettes. They were the first tobacco company to manufacture and market such cards, and this is one in a series featuring quadrupeds.

Daenel picked this because she “seriously hearts monkeys“, plus the card is so colorful and spring-like. So get inspired, put your outfit together, and send it to Daenel ( by next Tuesday, May 22nd. Have fun!


SIA: Cherry Blossom Dish

This week, we’re taking our inspiration from this beautiful Japanese dish with a design of cherry blossoms, and everybody put their best spring outfit forward, so let’s get to it!

First up is our co-host, Jen, who combined her navy pieces with the subtle floral in her scarf, belt, and earrings. And, not to take away from her super-cute outfit, but how gorgeous is that tree?

Next we have a first time (for me) SIA participant, Nicole from High Latitude Style. Her floral cardigan and plaid skirt are a great interpretation of the inspiration piece. Welcome, Nicole!

It took some searching, but Kezzie managed to find the perfect dress for this challenge:

Mike chose his plaid jacket to mimic the criss-crossing on the plate, and his green shirt is to match the green leaves. Too bad the cherry blossoms around his place are gone by the time he took the outfit photos, but they were beautiful while they last:

If you saw Jen’s SIA post two weeks ago, then you’d know that we have a new co-host, Daenel. She went with a simple floral/striped top and jeans, but check out her post for the great details, like her flower necklace:

Bev is also a new SIA participant. She learned about the challenge from Kezzie (this is what I love about SIA, it allows us to reach out and connect with fellow bloggers) and put together the perfect outfit for it. Welcome, Bev!

And lastly, here’s me:

And that wraps up another successful challenge. Thank you for participating and don’t forget to come back next week for a new inspiration courtesy of our new co-host!

Floral And Pottery

I had a different outfit planned for this week’s SIA. See, when I saw the cherry blossoms and the criss-crossing on the inspiration piece, a Japanese Nabeshima dish, I’d decided to wear my white embroidered cardigan and navy gingham shirt, with light-blue jeans. Unfortunately, the weather warmed up unexpectedly and completely upended my plan. So in the end I picked another embroidered piece – this blouse – and navy culottes (they’re supposed to be culottes, but on my short legs, they look more like simple wide-leg pants. Which is just as well, because culottes are really unflattering on me) to represent the blue elements of the dish. Not the outfit I’d imagine, but I still liked it, both as an outfit and an interpretation of this week’s inspiration.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow. Otherwise, see you in the round-up post on Wednesday!


SIA Inspiration: Nabeshima Dish

It’s again my turn to pick an inspiration for SIA, and since we’ve had quite a few paintings lately, I decided to go with something a little different this time:

This is a Japanese dish of a particular type called Nabeshima ware, dated from the late 17th century. Nabeshima ware is unique in that its designs drew on Japanese traditions as opposed to Chinese, as you can see from the cherry blossoms and the criss-crosses (a fence? Some abstract element?) on this dish. At the same time, it’s very bold and graphic, and features a lot of colors appropriate for spring, which is why I think it would be a good choice for SIA.

The deadline is next Tuesday, May 8th, as usual. Have fun!


Not So Melancholy Blogger

Here’s my interpretation for this week’s SIA, inspired by the Hindu painting “Melancholy Courtesan“. The painting is very colorful, so I’m hoping my printed top can reflect that. Originally, I planned to wear a pair of olive-green pants to mimic the green border of the painting, but a blue shirt, green pants, and red shoes are way too much, so I toned it down with my blue jeans. It’s great that you don’t always have to be literal with SIA.

Don’t forget to check Jen’s blog on Wednesday for the full round-up of other interpretations of this painting!

SIA Inspiration: Melancholy Courtesan

The call for a new SIA co-host is still open if you’re interested! We’ve had some expressing their interest already, both from long-time SIA participants and new blog friends, so definitely don’t feel that you have to be a participant to host. Just shoot me or Jen an email.

Moving on to the business at hand – it’s Jen’s turn to host SIA, and this is the painting she picked as the inspiration for this week:

Titled “Melancholy Courtesan”, this is a traditional Hindu painting in the Rajput style. You can learn more about its history here.

The painting features a lot of rich colors and subtle patterns, as well as intricate gold jewelry, so you have a lot of options for your outfit. Remember to send it to Jen ( by next Tuesday, April 24th. Enjoy!

SIA: Help Wanted 2.0

You can probably guess this was coming. With Erin’s departure, Jen and I are looking for another SIA co-host. We find that with three hosts, we can have a greater variety of artworks, and as we alternate hosting duties, it doesn’t put too much stress on our blogging schedule. Your responsibilities will be simple – find a work of visual art, post about it, receive the outfit submissions, and post the round-up on your blog the following week (we are doing a Monday – Wednesday schedule, but you can reschedule it to fit your blog). When it’s my or Jen’s turn to host, we’ll inform you of our artwork of choice ahead of time and you post it on your blog. That’s it! It’s a lot of fun. Not only you can learn more about art and art history, but it can be a great source of inspiration for your style as well. More than once SIA has helped me decide what to wear when I’m face with the paradox of choice from my closet.

So if you’re interested or have any further question, email me or Jen ( We hope to hear from you!