SIA Inspiration: Clara Peeters

It’s Terri’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick:

This still life is the work of Clara Peeters, a 17th-century Flemish artist. Terri wanted to focus more on female artists who practiced during a time when it was a male-dominated field (which sadly means almost all art history up to the 20th century), and the choice of a still life is really interesting. There are a lot of colors and details here – if you look closely, you can even see the artist’s reflection on the pewter pot, how insane is that?! Deadline to send your outfit to Terri ( is next Tuesday, October 4th, as usual. I can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with!

SIA: Sunspots

Welcome to another week of SIA! This week’s inspiration is “Sunspots” by Swiss artist Cuno Amiet, and while this is a relatively easy piece to interpret, it’s great fun to see how varied all the outfits are. Let’s check them out:

First up is my co-host, Shelbee, who went with a lovely green printed kinomo and even added some lime green flowers in her hair to mimic the sunlight on the grass:

Up next is Sally, who wore her adorable rabbit-printed shirt with green pants:

My other co-host, Terri, had a slightly different interpretation – yes, there were green and white in her outfit, but she also wore a lot of gold accessories for the “sun” part:

Marsha also went with a different shade of green, but the print of her dress is gorgeous:

Suzy said green is her favorite color, and it shows – I love all the different shades of green she had here:

And finally, here’s me:

Big thanks to everyone for participating, and don’t forget to come back next week for a new challenge, hosted by Terri!

SIA Inspiration: Cuno Amiet

It’s my turn to host SIA, and here is my pick:

This is “Sunspots” by Swiss artist Cuno Amiet, who is considered a pioneer of modern art in Switzerland. I was just browsing on WikiArt when it caught my eyes, due to the impressionistic, graphic way the dappled sunlight is depicted, and the strong shades of green throughout the painting. I know it’s mid-September, but it’s still quite warm over here, and green still has a welcomed cooling effect to me. So put together an outfit and send it to me by next Tuesday, September 20th. Have fun!

SIA Inspiration: Keith Haring

It’s Shelbee’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick:

As you can see from the very distinct style, this is “Tree of Life” by Keith Haring. It was a homage to Haring’s friend and fellow artist, Maria Bonnier Dahlin, who died in a car accident in 1985 at only 20 years old. I love how colorful and exuberant it is, though I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet. I can’t wait to find out though! Remember to send your outfits to Shelbee ( by next Tuesday, September 6th. Have fun!


For this week’s SIA, inspired by the “Calyx” fabric designed by British artist Lucienne Day, I had to dig around for a bit. I do have prints in my closet, but they’re mostly “classic” ones like stripes, plaid, and floral, nothing that matches the graphic quality of this print. Then I remembered this dress – I mean, short of buying the fabric myself and making a garment out of it, this is the closest I can get, both in terms of the color scheme and the print. The original design has an olive green background, so I paired the dress with my green silk shirt (it was almost identical to the last time I wore this dress, but hey, when a formula works…) My brooch is a nod to the print as well. All in all, I’m quite pleased with how the outfit turned out, even if it took me a while to come up with it. Usually when something takes me a long time, I’ll end up overthinking it and the outfit would be overwrought, but this one is just right.

Don’t forget to check Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see what everybody wears!