That 70s Spring

The weather has started to warm up around here (booooo), and as usual, that’s the signal for me to incorporate more floral-themed pieces into my outfit. The combination of the waistcoat, the big collar, and the wide-leg pants makes this outfit look vaguely 1970s to me (hence the post title), but I’m not mad at it. And hey, I’m wearing orange (and a bit of green) just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! It was totally unintentional, but happy St. Patrick’s Day to anyone celebrating!

Not Mary Poppins

Ever since I got this umbrella-and-bag brooch, I’ve wanted to put together a Mary Poppins-inspired outfit to pair with it (the original Mary Poppins, I mean, not the sequel, which is fun and all, but her looks are a lot less iconic), but I never got around to it. So here’s my “not-Mary Poppins” outfit, which is simply my way to put this brooch to use. Maybe one day I’ll get around to that Mary Poppins outfit. I mean, it’s the simplest thing, right? White shirt, black skirt, red bow, and a hat. I have all that. I can do all that. Maybe next Halloween.

1940s Extra

This outfit originally started out with just the sweater and the trousers. But then it was colder than I expected, so I added the jacket (riveting stuff, right?) It makes me feel like an extra in Foyle’s War or All Creatures Great and Small, and that’s no bad thing. (Also, I feel like I’ve worn this brooch with this jacket before, but I was too lazy to dig through my archive to find out. Ah well. It was drizzly that day, so I just felt like a watering can brooch was appropriate.)

Gray On Gray

I don’t even know how this outfit came about. It’s a simple case of the weather warming up and me having a busy day, so I wanted something I can run around in, but still with enough layers that I wouldn’t get cold in the morning or warm in midday. Then I remembered that I haven’t worn this gray sweater vest as much as I should (it’s so cozy), and these culottes would look nice with it, and so it went. Absolutely riveting stuff, I know.


Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA. It’s pretty much a no-brainer for me – I settled on the waistcoat, the blazer, and the boots immediately, while the trousers took some thinking. In the end, I went with this pair to add some colors and patterns to the outfit (also because I don’t have any gray pants that exactly match my waistcoat or blazer, and that set my eyes twitching). Funnily enough, it was the brooch that took me the longest to decide, because I had to choose whether to go with a flower brooch (to match the boutonniere) or a dog brooch (for the dog, duh). In the end, I went with the dog brooch, because I wanted to interpret the entire painting instead of just the lady’s outfit. And the dog brooch is more fun anyway. Don’t forget to send me your outfits if you haven’t, and please come back on Wednesday to see what everyone else wore!