Creme De Menthe

We just had our first proper summer heatwave last week, and as usual, when it gets really hot, I have to reach for cool colors (I know it doesn’t work like that, but I always feel warmer in warm colors, and cooler in cool colors. I guess that’s why my winter wardrobe is mostly brown and yellow, and my summer wardrobe is mostly blue and green.) This thrifted linen shirt and the hand-me-down trousers from my mom just hit the spot, and they’re so comfy to wear too, which is always a bonus!

Alice In Borderland

I guess it’s the week of titling my posts after pieces of media I’ve never actually watched/listened. Yes, same as the post on Wednesday, I’ve never watched “Alice in Borderland”, I just like its play on “Alice in Wonderland”, and considering my outfit is sort of Alice-inspired, I thought it would be appropriate. It was all built around this top, of course. The puffed sleeves are a little much for me, but when I saw the tea set buttons, I just couldn’t pass it up. For this outfit, I went with the olive culottes and pink loafers to match the embroideries (plus, pink and green are one of my favorite color bombs), but I can definitely see other ways of styling this top to tone down its frou-frou-ness while still letting it shine. Can’t wait!

Watermelon Sugar

Disclaimer: I don’t listen to Harry Styles. That’s the only song of his I know, because for a while, I kept seeing ads for it on my Spotify. And anyway, this outfit was not inspired by that song, but by actual watermelons (hence my brooch). It looks like summer really is here at last. I still hate it, but at least that means I can start thinking of new outfits instead of cycling through my transitional pieces, none of which I’m excited about. I’m quite happy with this – the color combination is simple but still summery, and most important of all, it’s so comfy to wear!

The Rooster’s Crow

I literally had no thought behind this outfit other than “Hey, my sweater matches my jacket almost exactly, let’s pair them together.” Then I paired them with the darker trousers to balance out the outfit, and the brooch was to pick up on the subtle greens in the plaid. It doesn’t sound very interesting or exciting, but I’m glad that my wardrobe is now consistent enough that I can just throw things together without much thought and end up with a halfway-decent outfit.

1940s Extra

This outfit originally started out with just the sweater and the trousers. But then it was colder than I expected, so I added the jacket (riveting stuff, right?) It makes me feel like an extra in Foyle’s War or All Creatures Great and Small, and that’s no bad thing. (Also, I feel like I’ve worn this brooch with this jacket before, but I was too lazy to dig through my archive to find out. Ah well. It was drizzly that day, so I just felt like a watering can brooch was appropriate.)