Cup Of Tea, Father?

Would it be weird to say I built this outfit around this tea set brooch? But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time. Actually, the brooch reminds me of Mrs. Doyle from “Father Ted” (hence the post title), but Mrs. Doyle is not exactly a great source of style inspiration, so I went with something more “me” but still has some of that old-lady feel that works with the brooch, in the sweater and the plaid pants.

P/S: I just checked IMDb out of curiosity and it turns out Pauline McLynn, who played Mrs. Doyle, was younger than me when “Father Ted” started!!! She was in her early 30s (and was my age when it ended)!!! Talk about the magic of make-up and styling…


This is what I wore to my department’s Lunar New Year party (we usually have the party after celebrating with our families, not before.) I knew I wanted something sparkly and festive but still comfy (gotta have room for all the party food!), so in the end, I went with this sweater and skirt combo. I like that the skirt has a slight metallic sheen to it that complements the sparkles of the sweater, but it’s subdued enough so they don’t compete with each other. I’d once considered getting this style of skirt in every color under the sun, including metallic gold, but now I’m glad I didn’t. It would’ve been too difficult to style.

Winter Meets Spring

Spring is nowhere near yet (God, I hope not, not after the non-fall we had, I wouldn’t be able to stand it if we don’t have a proper winter either), but with the Lunar New Year drawing close, there’s a certain spring-like feel, if not in the air, then at least in certain trees and plants that have started to blossom, and in people’s clothes. The warm clothes are still here, but they’re more colorful. So I try to reflect that in my outfit – I thought the brown and green combo would be interesting, and I also added my green leaf brooch to echo the green of the skirt as well. Plus, it’s another plaid-mixing outfit, and I’m always down for that.

Happy Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice was actually yesterday (December 22), but that’s OK. It still counts. And hey, it’s the last outfit post of 2022! Next week I’ll be back with the Yearly Review posts as usual, while for now, let’s close out 2022 with a festive, Christmassy outfit. I didn’t set out to put together a Christmas outfit; I guess it just happened that way with the velvet, the blue and the green, and the gold tie. Yes, the plaids of my waistcoat and my pants don’t match, but I’ve never let that stop me before.

Lumber Jill

While watching Foyle’s War, I learned of the “Lumber Jills“, or the Women’s Timber Corps, which was a branch of the Women’s Land Army during WWII that specified in forestry. So when I was putting together this outfit, which was kind of inspired by the Land Girl uniform with the earth tones and the corduroy, I decided to top it off with my axe pin (it’s a tie pin, but I’m wearing it as a brooch because I’d find a way to wear every piece of jewelry as a brooch) as a nod to the Lumber Jills. One of my co-workers pointed out that it also reminds her of the Axe Gang in Kung Fu Hustle (though their insignia is two crossed axes, not just one), but it is one of my favorite movies, so I’m not mad at the coincidence either 🙂