The Drawing Lesson

Here’s my outfit for the first SIA challenge of 2023, inspired by “The Drawing Lesson” by Jan Steen. This one is a bit of a challenge for me, because there are so many details and colors in the painting that I had no idea where to begin. Eventually, I went with the lady’s outfit of pink top and golden yellow bottom, and added some colors and patterns with my velvet blazer. My belt and boots are also a nod to the rich cognac color of the furniture and the musical instruments in the room. So, not a very imaginative interpretation, but I’m happy with the result.

Fall Meets Spring

If my outfit on Wednesday is me holding on to winter, then this is me holding on to fall (or is it anticipating fall?) But can you blame me when the temperature suddenly shot up to 85, and just a week before the Lunar New Year too?! (Actually, the mini heatwave is a sign that we’re in for a cold snap, so it looks like we’re going to have a cold and drizzly Lunar New Year, just as I like.) Anyway, I just realized that I haven’t worn this dress in a while, and certainly not with any layer, so here’s a very autumnal outfit in January.

Gray Scale

This outfit is pretty straightforward. It’s another one of my attempts to lower the cost-per-wear of all the items in my closet by finding new ways to style them and wear them together. As the title suggests, gray (and maroon) is the main color scheme here, but I couldn’t help adding a touch of yellow with my amber rose brooch. The buttonhole of the blazer is such a perfect place for it.

Fall Overload

We finally got some cold weather! OK, maybe not winter cold, but at least cold enough for me to bring out this cozy grandpa cardigan. I said in an earlier post that I’m not buying new clothes this season, and I’m trying hard to stick to that resolution – almost all of these “new” pieces you see here are from last season or the summer sale that I didn’t get around to wearing until now. And to make up for all the weeks waiting for the weather to cool down, I went with all the fall colors in this outfit – olive green, terracotta, mustard, and burgundy – for extra coziness. I’m like a walking fall moodboard!


Same Old Brand New Me

This outfit feels very much like something I’d wear maybe 5-7 years ago (a quick check of the tags show that the last time this cardigan was featured on the blog was back in 2016! So I was spot on.) My style now is a bit more 1940s utilitarian, more Dark Academia, more eclectic. However, sometimes a classic dress just calls for classic styling (if you can call 1950s twee “classic”, that is.) It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t feel “me” anymore. This dress is another hand-me-down from my sister, I wouldn’t buy something like this now, but now that she’s given it to me, I guess I’ll have to think a little harder to make it fit into my current wardrobe.