Morning Sun

This is yet another green, hand-me-down dress from my sister. I don’t understand why she keeps buying these green dresses and foisting them on me – surely, after the first or at least the second one, she would’ve realized that she doesn’t like green and stops buying them? (Actually, the fact that they’re all green is just a coincidence.) I’m not complaining though, especially because this dress is perfect for this week’s SIA, which is inspired by Cuno Amiet’s “Sunspots“. I really leaned into the green theme with my green shoes and owl brooch, not because there is a hidden owl in the painting, but because my owl brooch has green eyes. The early morning sun as I took these photos was a nice addition as well 🙂

Remember to check back on Wednesday to see how everybody interpreted this challenge!

Another Day, Another Green Dress

… from my sister. This one is actually from the same collection as my lotus-embroidered tunic. I bought the tunic and my sister bought the dress, but she said after she wore it a few times, the dress didn’t feel “her” somehow, so she passed it to me. Well, I don’t think it feels very “me” either (I prefer something with a collar, to be honest), but at least it fits my wardrobe more. And it gives me an opportunity to wear a necklace, which I haven’t done in so long – with the embroideries, a brooch feels too much, but that neckline is just the right shape for a necklace.

Back To School, Pandemic Style

As I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, school has started again this week, and it’s the first time I taught a class in-person again in about… gosh, I don’t even remember how long. A year? Technically, the latter half of the last semester was in-person too, but I just kept teaching online because, as I teach writing, it’s actually easier for me to teach online than in person. But there is no escaping it now, and just in time for a new wave of COVID too (yay…) Everybody keeps saying that the new variants are not as serious, but I’m taking no chances and sticking to my face masks (almost literally) for now.

Apple Green

I’m unwittingly going with a green theme this week. I used to believe that I couldn’t wear green because of the yellow undertone of my skin (there’s a saying in Vietnamese that translated to “as green as a tree frog’s ass”, which is used to describe someone’s face when they’re ill or sickly – it only applies to faces, I don’t know why – and I believed could also be applied to me when I wore green.) But as I played around with different tones, I realized that I could wear green after all – it just depends on the tones. I can do moss, emerald, and olive (basically, either earth-tone or jewel-tone green), but ironically enough, though the post is titled “Apple Green”, I can’t wear apple green. It’s simply too bright for me. I’ll just have to resort to wearing it as an accessory instead.

Wearing All The Colors

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Paul Klee’s “Castle and Sun“, I knew I had to wear this dress. Even though the dominant color is navy rather than red/brown as it is in the painting, the colorful stripes are too perfect to pass up. I styled it simply with a black belt and shoes to highlight the graphic quality of the painting, and added my locket brooch as a nod to the “sun”. My sun-moon-and-star brooch would’ve been a better choice, but it doesn’t stand out enough on the dress, so I went with this instead. I don’t like to go too literal with my interpretation anyway.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow! And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see what everybody wears!