Ice Cream

It wasn’t my inspiration when I put this outfit together – I just wanted something light and simple, because it’s been too hot – but when I looked at these photos again, they just shouted “ice cream” to me. I mean, it’s not crazy, right? The skirt looks like a waffle cone, the shirt is the ice cream (vanilla), and the shoes and belt are like the chocolate sauce/sprinkles on top. What flavor would that be? Chocolate chip, cookie dough, Moose Tracks? Maybe I just really wanted some ice cream while I was writing this post.

Accessorizing In The Time Of Pandemic

Since I already featured a face mask in my SIA post, I figured I’d just make that kind of a theme this week. I remembered back in 2020, when the pandemic first started, there was all this talk about how the face mask was going to become the next big thing in fashion. That went nowhere, because people still prefer to show their faces than cover it up. For me, though, the face mask has always been a staple – most of us in Vietnam wear face masks when we go out anyway, due to pollution, so after 2 years of the pandemic, wearing a face mask has become second nature to me. And since I’m wearing them so much, I decided to incorporate them into my outfits – I was partly inspired by the looks in The Great British Sewing Bee, where the models always have masks made from the scrap fabric of the garment they are wearing, and partly because I’ve discovered this shop that sells lovely embroidered face masks. They fit right in with my style, and they’re great for “function meets fashion” – always my favorite style spot.

P/S: This dress could’ve worked for SIA too, but I wanted to wear it because it matches the mask almost perfectly.

Salazar In The Garden

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Carl Larsson’s “Karin at the Shore“, I knew I’d wear this floral waistcoat, as it’s perfect for the flowers in the painting – in fact, I think it even features the same lilies as the painting! For the rest of the outfit, I didn’t want anything too dark and heavy (it is the summer, after all), but I did want to reference the woman’s dress in some way. In the end, I went with this white lace top and navy pants, because if you look closely, there are white lace trims on her dress. The shoes were, I admit, an afterthought, so I just picked what went well with the outfit rather than referencing the painting, but this pair is neutral enough so they’re all right. All in all, I’m quite pleased with how the outfit turned out.

If you haven’t send me your outfits, you still have until tomorrow, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see how everybody did!

1930s Golfer

This outfit was built around these shoes. Ever since I gave my saddle shoes to my sister, I’ve been looking for a pair with the same two-tone look, but easier to style – for me, saddle shoes tend to conjure up a certain sporty look that is not really “me” (which is why I gave my pair to my sister.) So I was really excited to come across this pair – they have that masculine, spectator-esque look that I like, but they’re more versatile and not as sporty as saddle shoes. Having said that, it’s a bit ironic that I ended up choosing a sporty look as the inspiration for this outfit, more specifically, 1930s women’s golfing attire. The buttons on the skirt remind me of women’s sportswear back then, and I went with the sporty theme by wearing my quiver brooch – it looks a bit like a golf bag, doesn’t it?