All Gray Every Day

This is the outfit I’d originally put together for the SIA challenge inspired by the portrait of Countess de la Maitrie, but back then, I got annoyed because the grays don’t match. Now though, I looked at it again and the non-matching grays don’t bother me so much anymore, so I thought, why not wear it? No use wasting a perfectly good outfit. I only added the gold snail brooch for a pop of color/shine.

Edwardian Lite

My love for Edwardian fashion is pretty well-documented on the blog, and I’m always on the lookout for pieces with an Edwardian feel. This blouse is my latest experiment, though I don’t think it’s very successful. The ruffle collar certainly says “Edwardian”, but the ruffle cuffs are a bit too fussy for me, and most of all – though you don’t see it in the outfit – it’s a crop top, which means I can pretty much only wear it as a layering piece. The outfit turned out OK, but I still think this one is going into the “donate” pile.


OK, I’ve been sitting here staring at this post for like 15 minutes trying to come up with a title and drawing a complete blank. So I decided to cast around for something that had to do with “orange”, and my brain settled on “satsuma” instead. Perhaps it’s because there is nothing in my brain but Taskmaster these days.

Oh and, a word about the outfit: I nearly paired this with my cognac lace-up boots as usual, but then I realized I’ve worn those boots for several days in a row now, and almost always with these pants, so I switched them up with these black boots. I have to admit though, the cognac boots would’ve looked better. There’s a reason I always wear them with these pants.

Ladies Having Tea, Part I

I actually have two outfits for this week’s SIA. This one was my original interpretation – I went with the painting’s dark colors and intricate patterns as the main inspiration. That meant wearing my velvet printed blazer again, and I paired it with my olive velvet skirt to mimic the light green dress of the lady on the right. Belatedly, I remembered my tea set brooch, but I couldn’t make it work with this outfit – wearing it on the blazer would destroy the velvet, and it doesn’t stand out enough against the busy print anyway. So I had to make do with this. I still quite like it though. Stay tuned for my other outfit, to be posted on Wednesday!

Edwardian Dandy

Here’s another one of my “faux suits”. The jacket and the trousers aren’t the same texture at all, but they look passable from afar, don’t they? And to have a little more fun with it, I decided to pair them with my embroidered shirt to give the impression of a tie without actually wearing a tie. Now, there isn’t anything inherently Edwardian about this outfit, but for some inexplicable reason, when I put it out, I felt the sudden urge to wear a top hat and carry a cane (and maybe wear a monocle too, though my Asian nose cannot handle a monocle at all), hence the post title. So maybe it’s less Edwardian and more Mr. Peanut.