The Longest Month

Is May the longest month of the year, or do I just feel that way because the end of the semester is drawing near? Every year, May is always the hardest month for me to get through, not because it’s particularly busier (if anything, it’s actually not as busy because classes are ending; I only have grading to do), but because it’s just so tedious. At least this year I have two things to look forward to at the end of it: one, Snow Patrol’s new album is coming on on May 25th (we only had to wait 7 years for it, but yay!!!) and two, we are going on a family trip in early June. Small things, but they keep me going.

Those, and the fact that I can now start wearing T-shirts and sneakers to work more often.


Polka Dot x 2

No, I haven’t just unearthed some forgotten outfit from last fall/winter. This was just a couple of weeks ago, when the temperature dipped slightly one last time before moving full-speed into summer. I got this sweatshirt from an end-of-season sale, right before it started warming up, so I was excited to wear it at least once instead of putting it away for next winter.

However, I found a sweatshirt + jeans combination too simple, so I tried adding some interest with the polka dot socks, but in hindsight, it would have been better to just keep things simple and let the sweatshirt shine on its own. The proportions look a bit off, don’t you think?

SIA Inspiration: Monkey Trading Card

It’s Daenel’s first time to host a SIA challenge, and she picks quite a striking piece as the inspiration:

This is a lithographic trading card issued by Allen & Ginter to promote their cigarettes. They were the first tobacco company to manufacture and market such cards, and this is one in a series featuring quadrupeds.

Daenel picked this because she “seriously hearts monkeys“, plus the card is so colorful and spring-like. So get inspired, put your outfit together, and send it to Daenel ( by next Tuesday, May 22nd. Have fun!

Edwardian Shirt

If you’ve read the blog for a while, then you know that Edwardian is one of my favorite style eras. It is my dream to own an Edwardian-inspired lawn dress (something like this), or a shirt or a blouse in a similar style. But now that I’ve found the perfect Edwardian shirt (the ruffles! The collar! The broderie anglaise!), I’ve discovered that I have absolutely no idea what to pair it with. A skirt is out of the question, because it would look like I’m cosplaying as a Gibson Girl. Normal trousers would look too stuffy. In the end, I decided to balance the shirt with a casual pair of jeans, but I forgot that my jeans are low-rise so they don’t look very well with a tucked-in shirt. The only thing I like in this outfit is the brooch, which is clearly born to go with this shirt.

Do you have any idea how to style this shirt? I need help!

SIA: Cherry Blossom Dish

This week, we’re taking our inspiration from this beautiful Japanese dish with a design of cherry blossoms, and everybody put their best spring outfit forward, so let’s get to it!

First up is our co-host, Jen, who combined her navy pieces with the subtle floral in her scarf, belt, and earrings. And, not to take away from her super-cute outfit, but how gorgeous is that tree?

Next we have a first time (for me) SIA participant, Nicole from High Latitude Style. Her floral cardigan and plaid skirt are a great interpretation of the inspiration piece. Welcome, Nicole!

It took some searching, but Kezzie managed to find the perfect dress for this challenge:

Mike chose his plaid jacket to mimic the criss-crossing on the plate, and his green shirt is to match the green leaves. Too bad the cherry blossoms around his place are gone by the time he took the outfit photos, but they were beautiful while they last:

If you saw Jen’s SIA post two weeks ago, then you’d know that we have a new co-host, Daenel. She went with a simple floral/striped top and jeans, but check out her post for the great details, like her flower necklace:

Bev is also a new SIA participant. She learned about the challenge from Kezzie (this is what I love about SIA, it allows us to reach out and connect with fellow bloggers) and put together the perfect outfit for it. Welcome, Bev!

And lastly, here’s me:

And that wraps up another successful challenge. Thank you for participating and don’t forget to come back next week for a new inspiration courtesy of our new co-host!

Floral And Pottery

I had a different outfit planned for this week’s SIA. See, when I saw the cherry blossoms and the criss-crossing on the inspiration piece, a Japanese Nabeshima dish, I’d decided to wear my white embroidered cardigan and navy gingham shirt, with light-blue jeans. Unfortunately, the weather warmed up unexpectedly and completely upended my plan. So in the end I picked another embroidered piece – this blouse – and navy culottes (they’re supposed to be culottes, but on my short legs, they look more like simple wide-leg pants. Which is just as well, because culottes are really unflattering on me) to represent the blue elements of the dish. Not the outfit I’d imagine, but I still liked it, both as an outfit and an interpretation of this week’s inspiration.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow. Otherwise, see you in the round-up post on Wednesday!


May The Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day! I didn’t actually plan my outfit for today, but you can say that it’s kind of Star Wars-inspired. My dress/duster coat can pass for a Jedi robe, right? (Even though no Jedi ever wears heels.) And my necklace looks a bit like a Kyber crystal, right? Also, I’m wearing a black T-shirt underneath my tan dress, which represent the Dark Side/Light Side of the Force… no? Reaching? OK, I’ll stop now.

Speaking of Star Wars, I’m not very excited about the upcoming Solo spin-off/prequel – I maintain that we don’t need a movie about the young Han Solo. What we see in A New Hope is what we get. Plus, I’m sorry, but Alden Ehrenreich looks nothing like Harrison Ford. (Now, if you’re going to have a spin-off about Lando Calrissian, as played by Donald Glover? I’d be all over that.)