SIA Inspiration: Paul Klee

For this week’s SIA, Erin picked a painting by Paul Klee:

Titled “Angel Applicant“, this is described as a mix between “a bulldog and a Halloween mask” (?!), which Erin thinks would be perfect for the upcoming Halloween, plus the black and gray color scheme is a welcome change from the more colorful pieces we’ve been doing (I know it’s perfect for me.)

So just remember to send Erin ( your outfits by next Tuesday, October 24th to be included in the round-up on Wednesday the 25th. Enjoy!


Black And White Galaxy

This week’s SIA is a tough one for me, because it has all these colors and movements that I had no idea to interpret with my closet of mostly neutral and structured pieces. Then it hit me – the title is “Galaxy”, and I have a star-printed tee that could work. It’s in black and white, but when does that ever stop me? So I put together a black and white outfit – my shirt has the stars for the “galaxy” part, and my skirt has all the brushstrokes and movements from the mural. It works out pretty well, does it, even though it doesn’t have all the colors of the original piece?

SIA Inspiration: Julie Hogarth

For this week’s SIA, Jen picked a mural by Julie Hogarth. Titled “Galaxy”, it’s actually suggested by our blog friend and long-time SIA participant, Mike, because it’s painted in his library. How cool is that?

All these colors are going to be difficult for me to interpret, but you can’t deny that they’re very pretty. Just remember to send your outfits to Jen ( by next Tuesday, October 10th!

SIA: Variations In Violet And Grey

Welcome to another SIA challenge! This week, our inspiration is a watercolor by James McNeill Whistler depicting a market place in the French seaside town of Dieppe, with a musically-inspired title that Whistler often used for his works. Despite its neutral colors, it’s a busy, vibrant scene, and that has certainly inspired the SIA participants.

First up is Jen with her cute skirt and fabulous bag:

Next up is Mike – his outfit is more “grey” than “violet”, but I think it’s a good fit as well:

How cute is Erin and her feather-printed skirt?

Erin’s friend and photographer, Annabelle, happens to wear the perfect outfit for SIA as well!

Kezzie is looking adorable as always:

And finally, here’s me and my two outfits:

Another super fun SIA! Thank you for participating, and don’t forget to come back next week for some fresh inspiration!

Variations In Navy And Grey

Here it is. The outfit I planned for SIA. Not as exciting and/or stylish as the one I posted on Monday, is it? I just thought that the polka dot blouse would be a good fit for the gray part of the painting, and the jeans and the brown oxfords are self-explanatory. I was going to wear my “house” necklace as well, because it sort of looks like the houses around the market place in the painting, but what with my lack of interest in jewelry these days, I simply forgot about it. Ah well.

The full round-up will be posted tomorrow, so if you haven’t sent me your outfit photos, there’s still time!

Variations In Navy And Beige

Disclaimer: this isn’t actually my intended SIA outfit.

I had put together a different SIA outfit earlier last week, but when I wore this on Friday, I realized that it was perfect for SIA – the title of the inspiration painting may say “Variations in Violet and Grey“, but it looks more like navy and beige to me (probably because the watercolors had aged). I would’ve worn my beige sandals as well, but one of the buckles broke, so they’re currently at the cobbler’s getting fixed. I’m going to post my “other” outfit tomorrow too, but really, it pales in comparison.

And that means you guys still have until tomorrow to send me your outfits, if you haven’t already. The full round-up will be posted on Wednesday instead!

SIA Inspiration: James McNeill Whistler 3.0

It’s again my turn to pick the inspiration for SIA, and I chose a watercolor by James McNeill Whistler, “Variations in Violet and Grey“:

This is the third Whistler we’ve featured in SIA, and the second I picked. As you guys know, I’ve been trying my hands at watercolor painting for a while now, and it struck me that watercolor is such a popular medium, yet I can think of no famous painter that mainly used watercolor (Egon Schiele is the only name that came to mind.) It’s probably because watercolor is not as long-lasting as oil paint, and it’s more suitable for quick sketches. Anyway, I went on the MET collection to see if I could find some watercolor paintings. There are quite a few sketches by Whistler and John Singer Sargent, but I picked this one because, despite being almost all neutral colors, there is still an incredible sense of life and movement in it, and because the scene reminds me of the market place I saw during my trips to Europe.

Send me your outfit photos (flat lays are welcomed too!) by next Monday, September 25th, if you want to participate. I’m looking forward to it!