SIA Inspiration: Rembrandt

It’s Terri’s turn to host SIA, and she picked an absolute classic:

This, of course, is Rembrandt’s portrait of his wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh. Terri wanted to pick something from the Dutch Golden Age; plus, there are a lot of interesting textures to work with – the velvet, the lace, the fur, the feather, etc. – and there’s a hat too! I can’t wait to see everyone comes up with. Remember to send your outfit to Terri ( by next Tuesday, January 25th. Have fun!

SIA: Sweet Dreams

Welcome to our first SIA challenge of 2022! This week’s inspiration is “Sweet Dreams” by Rus Khasanov, and we have a great selection from both new and seasoned participants, so let’s get started!

First up is Shelbee, who sent in not just one, but two outfits, featuring tie-dyed and paint-splattered tops:

Up next is Reni, who was inspired by the black-and-gold section of the video. She also chose a ruffled dress to mimic the movements of the video:

Marsha is a new participant, and she chose a colorful printed dress to reflect the colors in the video. Welcome to SIA, Marsha!

Michelle found the perfect top:

My co-host, Terri, built her outfit around this amazing scarf:

And finally, here’s me:

Big thanks to everybody for participating! Remember to come back next week to see what Terri picks for the next challenge!

Sweet Dreams

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Rus Khasanov’s “Sweet Dreams” video. I mostly took inspiration from the video as a whole, though the blue-and-pink color scheme is a major part of said inspiration. I also thought that the pattern and bobbles on my sweater are a good nod to the drops of paint and bubbles in the video, and the shine of the skirt can reflect the glitter without being too literal about it. Overall, I’m really happy with the outfit. Check back on Wednesday to see how everybody else did, and don’t forget, if you’re interested in becoming in SIA host, to email me and/or Terri before January 21st!

Help Wanted & SIA Inspiration: Rus Khasanov

Happy 2022! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and safe New Year celebration. We have two orders of business today. First up is the sad news that Daenel has decided to step away from hosting SIA. Terri and I certainly going to miss her, and we wish her all the best. In the meantime, we’re looking for another co-host. Having three hosts brings a lot of variety to the challenge and helps to space out the linkup so it’s not much of a burden on our schedule. So if you have a blog, are interested in art and fashion, and can keep a regular posting schedule, please contact me ( and/or Terri ( before January 21st, for more details.

The second order of business is as usual: my pick for the first SIA challenge of 2022. It’s something a bit different – it’s a video by Russian visual artist Rus Khasanov, who uses household material such as soap, oil, and paint to create mesmerizing abstract works of art. His videos are all amazing, but after some debate, I decided to choose “Sweet Dreams“. You can watch the full video on his website, and here’s some gifs and screencaps to give you an idea:

Gorgeous, right? Since it’s the New Year and everything has been so drab and bleak lately, I thought we could do with some colors and glitter. Remember to send your outfits to me by next Tuesday, January 11th, and don’t forget to contact me and Terri if you’re interested in hosting as well!

A Year In Review: Favorite SIA Challenges Of 2021

Let’s start the week of 2021 round-ups with the usual – my favorite SIA challenges of the year. This year we have a new co-host, Terri, and she brought a lot of fun and unusual pieces to the challenge. Some of my favorite challenges this year are hosted by her:

Like this one, inspired by John Copley’s portrait of Paul Revere:

Or this one, inspired by a soundsuit by Nick Cave:

Or this “Simultaneous Dress” one, inspired by Sonia Delaunay:

My other co-host, Daenel, has some amazing picks too, though hers are more classic, such as this summery one, inspired by a Georgia O’Keeffe painting:

This one, inspired by a portrait by Robert Henri, because it allows me to wear my waistcoat:

And this one, which gives me a chance to try out a proper 1940s look:

The favorite challenges I hosted are the ones where I not only like my own outfits, but everybody did such a great job too, such as this one, inspired by Pierre Bonnard’s “Woman with a Dog“:

Or this, inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli’s “Cravat Jumper“:

Or this Solar System quilt one:

Overall, it’s been a great year of SIA challenges. It’s difficult to pick just a few favorites. Come back on Monday, January 3rd, and we’ll ring in 2022 with a new challenge!