Her Majesty

I had an outfit all figured out for this week’s SIA, inspired by Lucien Freud’s portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II – something gray, something blue, something sparkly, bam, done. However, a change in the weather forced me to rethink the whole thing, so this is what I ended up with instead. There’s not a lot of gray, but I think my cardigan is still a good interpretation of the painting because it brings the texture to the outfit (something my original outfit doesn’t have; I was only going for the colors), like the texture of the oil paint, and the pattern can be seen as a nod to the design of the Queen’s tiara as well. So it may not be the outfit I’d planned, but an outfit I’m happy with.

SIA Inspiration: Lucien Freud

It’s Shelbee’s turn to host SIA, and she picked this portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II by Lucien Freud:

Shelbee said she chose it because she wanted to commemorate the Queen’s death, and there has been some controversial surrounding this portrait, since the artist is best known for his nudes and some claimed this portrait is “ugly”. Perhaps it’s not the most flattering, but I think it’s quite dynamic and interesting, though I have no idea how I’m going to interpret it yet. I’ll probably just go with the colors again. Remember to send your outfits to Shelbee (shelbeeontheedge@gmail.com) by next Tuesday, Jan 31st, and have fun!

The Drawing Lesson

Here’s my outfit for the first SIA challenge of 2023, inspired by “The Drawing Lesson” by Jan Steen. This one is a bit of a challenge for me, because there are so many details and colors in the painting that I had no idea where to begin. Eventually, I went with the lady’s outfit of pink top and golden yellow bottom, and added some colors and patterns with my velvet blazer. My belt and boots are also a nod to the rich cognac color of the furniture and the musical instruments in the room. So, not a very imaginative interpretation, but I’m happy with the result.

SIA Inspiration: Jan Steen

Welcome to the first SIA challenge of 2023! It’s Terri’s turn to host, and she picks a classical work as the inspiration:

This is “The Drawing Lesson” by Jan Steen, a 17th-century Dutch painter known for his colorful paintings of everyday scenes. The rich colors and details here are ripe to be interpreted in an outfit (though I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet), and I can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with. Remember to send your outfits to Terri (meadowtreestyle@gmail.com) by next Tuesday, January 17th. Have fun!

A Year In Review: Favorite SIA Challenges Of 2022

Here we are, another year gone. As usual, let’s take a look at some of my favorite things in 2022, starting with Style Imitating Art challenges! We’ve had a lot of great artworks this year, but here are my favorites (some I picked because I like the inspirations, others because I like the outfits):

The first one is inspired by Rus Khasanov’s “Sweet Dreams”. The video is so gorgeous, and I was quite happy with my interpretation of it:

This one, inspired by Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, was a super quick and easy outfit:

This one, inspired by Christi Belcourt’s “The Mystery of Water”, is a very loose interpretation, but I’m quite pleased with it:

This one, inspired by Anne M. Bray’s “Scrappy Squares”, is a “proper” SIA interpretation, in that I took careful consideration of the artwork and reflected each element of it in each piece of my outfit, and I was super happy with the end result:

This one, inspired by Carl Larsson’s “Karin at the Shore”, because it allowed me to make the most out of my waistcoat for a bit of summer layering:

This one, inspired by Childe Hasam’s “Strawberry Tea Set”, is just pretty:

This one, inspired by Keith Haring’s “Tree of Life”. I like my interpretation of it, which took inspiration from the original artwork but stayed close to my personal style:

This one, inspired by by the Untitled Film Stills project of Cindy Sherman. The artwork is unusual (we don’t often feature photos on SIA), and I do like how my outfit turned out:

This one, inspired by Juan Gris’s “The Guitar”, because I like the different textures and the menswear-inspired look of the outfit:

And finally this one, inspired by Andres Valencia’s “Tom and Jenny”, again because of the menswear angle:

What a fun year of SIA! I’m looking forward to seeing more challenges in 2023, and don’t forget to check back after the New Year for a new inspiration!