SIA Inspiration: Paul Cézanne

It’s Daenel’s turn to host SIA, and she picked this painting, “The Pool at the Jas de Bouffan” by Paul Cézanne, simply because it’s outside, LOL:

Jokes aside, there are a lot of shades of green here that makes it appropriate for spring, as well as neutral colors like beige, brown, and gray. Remember to send your outfits to Daenel ( by next Tuesday to be included in the round-up. Have fun!

SIA: Arnolfini Portrait

Welcome to another week of SIA! Just to remind you, our inspiration this week is Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, so let’s get to it!

First up is Mike, who combined black and green in his outfit, and even found a drapey curtain to take photos next to:

Nancy went for more of a blue shade rather than green, but the pleats of her skirt and the details on the shoulder of her sweater mimic the woman’s dress very well:

Our co-host, Kim, went in a slightly different direction – she chose a military jacket with a peplum to echo the gathered waist of the woman’s dress, paired with a teal top to mimic the blue underdress. Very cool!

Our other co-host, Daenel, admits that she rarely wears green, but she did find the perfect draped top, IMO:

Kezzie evokes the painting in her dress and accessories – how adorable is her outfit?

And finally, here’s me:

Big thanks to everybody for participating. Remember to check back next week for a new inspiration courtesy of Daenel. Stay safe and healthy!

Wedding Portrait

My interpretation of this week’s SIA inspiration, Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, is a little different. Sure, it has most of the colors of the painting (green and black, with a touch of brown), but the print of my dress makes it decidedly more futuristic – usually, I would try to echo the feel of the painting if I can, but I see this print as my way of mimicking the intricately pinked trims on the sleeves and the pleated front of the woman’s dress in the painting. I also added my brooch because it reminds me of the mirror on the wall behind the couple.

More importantly, I was going to wear this to a wedding last week, which I thought would make it appropriate for the theme of the painting. Unfortunately, the wedding was canceled due to the pandemic (“pandemic” is a word I never thought I’d type for a real-life situation. Usually I only read it in sci-fi books. But such is the time we’re living in.) The couple decided to have a very simple family affair instead of the big reception they’d planned, and my hat’s off to them for sacrificing their big day in the name of public health and safety. Anyway, even though I didn’t get to wear it to a wedding, I thought, why waste a perfectly good outfit? So here we are.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow! And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see other interpretations of this classic painting!

SIA Inspiration: Jan Van Eyck

It’s my turn to host SIA, and I’ve decided to pick an absolute classic:

This, of course, is the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck (aka the painter that makes everybody look like Putin, including the women.) There have been many theories and debates about this painting (the most easily debunked is that the woman in the painting is pregnant. She’s not. She’s just holding up her heavy dress), but I picked it for two reasons. One, I just watched a BBC mini-series called “A Stitch in Time”, in which they recreate clothes from famous paintings (as in actually making the clothes using traditional methods.) This is featured in one of the episodes, and it is absolutely fascinating to watch how the dress is made, from dying the fabric to pinking the trim on the sleeves. Two, it’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, and since green is such a prominent color in the painting, I thought it would be appropriate.

So get inspired, put an outfit together, and remember to send it to me by next Tuesday, March 24th. Have fun!

SIA Inspiration: Hoover Poster

It’s Kim’s turn to host SIA, and as spring and spring cleaning is around the corner, she picks this French retro poster ad for Hoover vacuum cleaners (why the brand name became synonymous with vacuum cleaners only in the UK and not the US, I don’t know):

(The copy says “It’s easier with Hoover”, by the way.) It’s really fun and colorful, though I have no idea how I’m going to interpret this yet. Don’t forget to send your outfit to Kim ( by next Tuesday, March 10th. Have fun!

Floral Embroideries

This week’s SIA outfit came about quite quickly for me. I looked at Daenel’s pick of the inspiration – a piece of vintage fabric – and thought, “Off-white background, floral, embroideries, red, hints of yellow and brown and green. Done and done.” The two pieces that came immediately to my mind were this floral silk scarf and these brocade boots, and I just built my outfit from there. I picked this turtleneck sweater instead of my other white sweaters because I wanted to try pairing a scarf with a turtleneck, and these jeans because… well, they’re the only red (or reddish) piece I have. All in all, I’m happy with this.

Don’t forget to check out Daenel’s blog to see other outfits inspired by this lovely piece!

SIA Inspiration: Vintage Fabric

It’s Daenel’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick:

This is a piece of vintage fabric that Daenel bought to cover a bench, but it ends up being too small – too bad, because it’s gorgeous. I can see a lot of rich colors here, and the embroideries can be a source of inspiration as well. Remember to send your outfits to Daenel ( by next Tuesday, February 25th. Have fun!