Silver Blaze

Look, I’m out of ideas for post titles and there are silver flowers on my tie and silver on my shoes and The Return of Sherlock Holmes was on TV, OK? Anyway, here’s my continuing experiment with ties and waistcoats. I like the idea in general – and I’m definitely getting better at tying ties – but this waistcoat is too short and my pants are not high-waist enough, so the proportion looks a bit off. I wanted to stick to the navy color scheme so the tie can really shine though, and my paper-bag pants looked even more off with the waistcoat. Well, that’s why it was an experiment.

Tie The Knot

No, I’m not getting married (ha!) I’m just trying out a new accessory this fall/winter season – ties. I’ve always wanted to try them out but was afraid they would look too mannish, but when I came across some floral ties at one of my favorite secondhand shops, I thought they may be a good practice. I’m starting slow first, going with with a plain outfit that picks up the colors from the tie – the background matches my pants exactly, and the blue print matches my shirt. I’m sure that when I get more comfortable with wearing them, I’ll try different, less “feminine” patterns as well. And hopefully get better at tying them too! I thought tying a tie was simple, but man, it took me so long to get this right. No wonder there are so many video tutorials.


I mentioned in this post that I’ve been looking for a novelty border print skirt. The embroidered skirt is lovely, but it didn’t really scratch that itch, so imagine my excitement when I came across this cityscape skirt. It’s a bit more understated than those true vintage border print skirts, but that actually makes it more wearable and easier to style for me. I kept it simple by pairing it with a navy shirt here, but I can’t wait until it gets cold enough so I can wear it with my city print sweater for double the action!

Dapper Dog

It’s finally cool enough for waistcoats! I managed to wear some more lightweight ones in the spring, but the thicker ones had to wait until the fall/winter, and here’s the first. It’s actually reversible – gray on one side and plaid on the other – and for this outfit, I paired it simply with gray pants and navy shirt for the plaid to really shine. And finally, to compliment the Dark Academia/vintage/menswear vibe of the waistcoat, I added my “dog with a bow tie” brooch (hence the title). Expect to see a lot more of these waistcoats this season – I can’t wait to wear them all! (Though, technically speaking, I did wait. For almost a year.)

Dress Renewal

I tend to not feature dresses a lot on the blog – not as much as skirts anyway – because it’s always difficult to turn them into different outfits. Even if you wear different shoes, it would still look the same. Of course, this is a “blog” problem rather than a real-life problem, but still, I would like to show off my dresses more often. But after the SIA outfit last week, when I layered a button-up with a dress, I suddenly remembered that it was an option (provided that the weather isn’t too scorching, of course). So here is another variation of the same look. I like the color combo of navy and mustard yellow, and both the dress and the shirt are very light-weight, so even though it was pretty muggy, they were still comfortable to wear. Definitely going to try more of this!