No, not BMI (Body Mass Index), but rather BIM – Big Important Meeting. Yes, I just came up with that acronym. I had a Big Important Meeting at work, meaning I had to dress a bit more “seriously”. Usually, I would just throw a blazer on and call it a day, but it’s still too hot for that, so here’s the best I could do – summer business casual. Of course, I couldn’t let go of my usual touches altogether, so I added a brooch too.

Bonus – here’s my dog, having fully recovered from her ordeal earlier in the summer. You can’t even see the scar underneath her fur!


Duchess Inspired

When I saw these photos of Kate Middleton back in May, I knew I had to put together something inspired by it. The culottes are cute, but what really drew me to the outfit is the shirt. I’m a sucker for broderie anglaise (I have, at last count, four tops with some on them – it’s part of my Anglophilia, I guess) but I never thought to pair them with my culottes, so here we are.

At first, I thought about wearing my sneakers to mimic the Duchess’ outfit completely, but then I found sneakers make it slightly too casual – Kate Middleton may have pulled them off, but I couldn’t – so in the end, I decided to wear my red heels because there is a bit of red on my shirt.

SIA Inspiration: Textile Sample

It’s Daenel’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick of the inspiration:

It’s a piece of silk sample from the 1920s. It’s fairly simple, but the colors and the prints (flowers and butterflies) are really fun. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Remember to send your outfit to Daenel (livingoutsidethestacks@gmail.com) by next Tuesday, August 27th, to be included in the round-up!

Fresh Fish

School’s started again, but it’s still hot AF, so here’s a simple, summery outfit. It’s another one inspired by Keira Knightley’s wardrobe in Begin Again – more specifically, this look. Basically, whenever I put together an outfit with a short-sleeve/sleeveless top and linen pants, you can trace it back to that movie.

Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be a busy semester. I’m teaching four classes in total – Screenwriting II, Adaptation, Script Editing, and Screenwriting for Directing Major – but at least they’re all classes that I enjoy and I don’t have to teach any freshman (despite the post title), which is never fun. On top of that, I’m also translating American GodsĀ ANDĀ Good Omens, two of my favorite books ever. So it’s going to be busy but fun, and I won’t have it any other way.

SIA: Star Catchers

Welcome to another week of SIA! As a reminder, this week’s inspiration is “The Star Catcher” by Spanish surrealist Remedios Varo:

Let’s get to our participants! First up is Mike, who braved the heat to wear a sweater (gods, even the thought of a sweater is enough for me to break out in heat rash right now), because it works so well to mimic the painting:

My SIA co-host Kim chose this amazing fringe cardigan to mimic the “flaming look” in the painting:

Up next, my other co-host Daenel managed to find a lovely gold top for her outfit – the lace and the color are spot-on:

Up next, Leslie chose a striped T-shirt and open-weave cardigan to represent the radiating lights in the painting:

And finally, here’s me:

That’s it for another SIA challenge. I love how everybody seems to go for a similar silhouette, yet how different all the outfits are. And that’s the fun of SIA! Make sure to come back next week for Daenel’s pick of the inspiration!

Star Catcher

So here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Remedios Varo’s “Star Catcher“. It’s not as… exuberant as the painting, but I did try to evoke some exuberance with my wide-leg, high-waist pants. The star of the outfit (pun totally intended), though, is this blouse. It’s printed with stars, so of course I had to build the entire outfit around it. I may not have anything in a checkerboard pattern, but this blouse is so perfect for SIA that I’m not complaining.

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow. And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this amazing painting!

Black And Brown

Animal prints are having a bit of a moment, aren’t they? I remember when I first started the blog (oh gods was it really eight years ago?!), animals prints were everywhere, but they were often on accessories like shoes, belts, and bags. The current trend seems to be animal prints on actual clothes, which to be honest, I find a little much.

Still, when I saw this pin, I thought it’s a good interpretation of the trend without being too much (it helps that it’s a skirt and not a blouse.) I don’t have a leopard-print skirt, but I do have a brown-and-black print skirt. However, when I put the outfit together, I had a brain fart moment. I completely forgot about my brown sandals and wore my black loafers instead. To be fair, though, I’ve worn those sandals a lot lately, so maybe it’s good to give them a break.