As much as I love 1930s- and 1940s-inspired fashion, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to decide what to pair together, especially when winter is winding down but it’s not warm enough for summer clothes yet. So when I’m not feeling excited about my vintage clothes, I’d reach for my comfier, “at-home” clothes – things like these wide-leg jeans, this striped top, and this grandpa cardigan. When put together, they look vaguely 1970s in a rustic, hippie-ish kind of way (hence the title), so I paired them with my clogs and my wooden cat brooch to fit with that aesthetic. I don’t often list the 1970s as part of my fashion inspiration, but now that I think about it, I actually do get inspired by it a lot!

Brace! Brace!

(Sorry about the post title, I’ve run out of “suspend” puns.) I’ve worn this top with these trousers before, but not with this jacket, and not with these suspenders. I wanted a dark top to show off the suspenders, and since the maroon top and the trousers go so well together… Anyway, I’ve been looking for a pair of suspenders with these leather – loops? Hooks? I don’t know what you call them – for a while, so I’m super happy to have found these. They always strike me as more vintage-looking than the plain ones with the clips. Of course, if I want to go really old-school, I’d go for the buttoned ones (meaning they attach to your trousers by buttons, not clips), but those are a pain to do up, so I’ll stick to these for now.

The Gold Bug

This week’s SIA outfit, inspired by the collaboration between French artist Hubert Duprat and the caddisflies, came together quite quickly for me. I just pulled out every gold or gold-accented piece I have in my closet – this blazer, this sweatshirt (the dots are gold), and these trousers (it doesn’t show up in the photos, but there are gold threads in the fabric). The only thing that required some thinking was the brooch. Should I go with my pearl brooch because it matches the pearls on the larval cases, or should I go with my silkworm/caterpillar brooch for the insect theme? In the end, I went with my silkworm brooch, because it’s more fun, but my pearl brooch would’ve absolutely worked as well.

Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by these beautiful artworks!

The Drawing Lesson

Here’s my outfit for the first SIA challenge of 2023, inspired by “The Drawing Lesson” by Jan Steen. This one is a bit of a challenge for me, because there are so many details and colors in the painting that I had no idea where to begin. Eventually, I went with the lady’s outfit of pink top and golden yellow bottom, and added some colors and patterns with my velvet blazer. My belt and boots are also a nod to the rich cognac color of the furniture and the musical instruments in the room. So, not a very imaginative interpretation, but I’m happy with the result.

Fall Meets Spring

If my outfit on Wednesday is me holding on to winter, then this is me holding on to fall (or is it anticipating fall?) But can you blame me when the temperature suddenly shot up to 85, and just a week before the Lunar New Year too?! (Actually, the mini heatwave is a sign that we’re in for a cold snap, so it looks like we’re going to have a cold and drizzly Lunar New Year, just as I like.) Anyway, I just realized that I haven’t worn this dress in a while, and certainly not with any layer, so here’s a very autumnal outfit in January.