Floral Forms

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Emil Bisttram’s “Floral Forms”, I knew I’d wear this skirt – the color and shape are just right to mimic the poppies in the painting. The top took me some thinking, but in the end, I decided to go simple and choose this striped button-up, as the painting contains some blue/green lines. And finally, my brooch is the perfect accessory (it’s an anemone, not poppy, but it’ll do.)

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Ruby Slippers

See, this is what I mean about the weather being insane at the moment – one day it was blazing hot and over 100 degrees (!!!), then the next it was rainy and the temperature is back down to the 70s again. How am I supposed to get dressed in such weather? I’ve been putting my winter clothes away, only to have to bring them out again when another cold snap hits. So for now, this is the best that I can manage – what I call “spring top, winter bottom”. Just in case the temperature decided to shoot up again midday, you know.

Back To Basics

The weather is definitely warming up now, so I’m seizing these transitional days to wear some of my more awkward pieces – too light to be worn in the winter, but not breathable enough for the summer – like this dress, for example. For some reason, whenever I wear it, I always revert to my early “twee” days of style blogging with the coordinated accessories and everything, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

Magic On Wheel

For this week’s SIA, inspired by the vardos (wagons/caravans) of the Romani people, I was going to rely on one of my waistcoats to bring the colors and a general sense of opulence. However, the weather warmed up unexpectedly, forcing me to rethink the whole thing. In the end, I went with this dress – the busy print is a nod to the decoration on the outside of the vardos, while my belt and my patent shoes reflect their rich colors and lavish interiors. So perhaps not the most accurate interpretation, but I think it captured the feel of the inspiration quite well.

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Brace! Brace!

(Sorry about the post title, I’ve run out of “suspend” puns.) I’ve worn this top with these trousers before, but not with this jacket, and not with these suspenders. I wanted a dark top to show off the suspenders, and since the maroon top and the trousers go so well together… Anyway, I’ve been looking for a pair of suspenders with these leather – loops? Hooks? I don’t know what you call them – for a while, so I’m super happy to have found these. They always strike me as more vintage-looking than the plain ones with the clips. Of course, if I want to go really old-school, I’d go for the buttoned ones (meaning they attach to your trousers by buttons, not clips), but those are a pain to do up, so I’ll stick to these for now.