I didn’t realize how many maroon/burgundy pieces I have in my closet until I did a recent inventory. In fact, on the “warm” side of the color wheel, brown and maroon are pretty much all I have, with a few mustard yellow pieces here and there. But it makes sense though. I can’t wear primary colors without looking like a clown, and what is maroon/burgundy but an earth-toned red, right? And because I have so much of it, sometimes I just want to have fun and pair all of them together. Who says monochromatic has to be boring black, white, and gray?

Putt, Putt, Swing

Full disclosure: I have two outfits for this week’s SIA, but one of them – the one with the pants – is an old one that I actually wore earlier this year and completely forgot about. I only stumbled upon when I went digging through my old photo folders. By a stroke of luck, it worked perfectly well for the cat-and-golf theme of the artwork (the plaid pants are reminiscent of vintage golf attire, and the cat sweater is self-explanatory), so I used it to build my actual SIA outfit, with the same sweater and also with plaid but a skirt instead of pants. And in the illustrations, the cats are wearing both trousers and kilts anyway, so both outfits work.

(In an unrelated note, these boots completely bit the dust after I took these photos. Luckily I have another pair of brown lace-up boots, but those have a bit of a heel so they’re not as comfy.)

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see what everybody wears!

A Dickensian Halloween

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I’m firmly in the camp of “practicality” over “accuracy”, meaning I would prefer to put together an outfit that I can wear on a normal day, using what I already have, and only inspired by the original, rather than putting together a cosplay look (see my Doctor Who costume or my “punk Eleven”-inspired outfit, for example.)

This year is no different. I knew there would be a gazillion Eddies, so even though I did wear my Hellfire shirt and leather jacket on Monday, I wanted to have a proper costume, and since my obsession with Joe Quinn is still very much alive and strong, I decided to go with another of his characters – Arthur Havisham from Dickensian. He has a lot of great Victorian dandy looks, but the show is so dark and dreary that you can’t see them properly most of the time. In the end, I went with this particular red jacket and floral waistcoat combo because you can actually see it in a behind-the-scene interview (I’m including the screenshot mostly because Joe’s smile is adorable) and I have items in my closet of similar colors. I know his trousers are dark gray, but these corduroy pants work better – again, practical over accurate – and I see them as a nod to his red velvet jacket too. Now, if I could only find a pocket watch and chain, it would be perfect.

Another Day, Another Waistcoat

Yeah, when I chose the “another day, another _” title formula, that’s when you know I’ve run out of ideas for post titles. Seriously though, these days, waistcoats are the easiest thing for me to add some interest to my outfits. Like this pussy-bow blouse on its own would look kind of fussy, but with the waistcoat to add a masculine touch, it all balances out. Also, I wasn’t going to wear a brooch at first, but then I saw this one while digging around my jewelry box and thought it would work – it matches the purple of the waistcoat and the polka dots of the blouse, plus her facial expression is totally me on a daily basis 😆

Still Life

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by “Still Life with Nuts, Candy, and Flowers” by Flemish artist Clara Peeters. I went with a looser interpretation than usual – my outfit was meant to evoke the overall classical feel of the painting and the richness of it, rather than the precise details. Still, I couldn’t ignore them altogether. My shirt is to reflect the confectionery, and at first, I was going to wear my other floral waistcoat, but in the end, I chose my William Morris waistcoat as both a nod to the flowers and the elaborate engraving/embossing on the cups and pots. Plus, it’s the perfect match to my skirt. I was debating between this skirt or my olive culottes, which matched the painting’s background better, and decided I liked the look of this skirt more, even though it wasn’t perfect for the painting.

Don’t forget to check Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see what everybody wore!