Rose Prints

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Pierre-Joseph Redoute’s rose prints, I had to stretch my imagination a bit. As I’ve mentioned, I used to have a white rose-printed tunic that would be perfect for this, but as it’s old and no longer fits me, I donated it a while ago. So I turned to this shirt instead – the print is good, but then it’s on a navy background, and I wanted something lighter to match the background of the prints. In the end, I decided to pair it with my off-white khaki skirt and white linen blazer. The whites don’t match at all, but they’re different enough in shades that I don’t mind, and there are also prints/embroideries around the hem of my skirt that look like roses. I also added my amber rose brooch to the blazer, for good measure. All in all, I’m quite happy with the outfit, even if it didn’t match my vision 100%.

Don’t forget to drop by Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by these gorgeous prints!

Peekaboo Pups

I’m finally on my winter/Lunar New Year break, and it’s quite warm lately, so here’s a casual outfit for lounging around at home. Just kidding, I don’t really lounge. There’s all the preparations for the New Year to be done, and I have a lot of work to finish, plus I’ve started writing again lately (just silly, fanfic stuff, but it’s fun) so I’m quite busy still. Anyway, it’s going to be the Year of the Cat soon, so here are some… puppies? I wasn’t really thinking about it. I would try to put together a cat-themed outfit for the New Year though.

More 1940s Knitwear

I’m almost done with Foyle’s War, and after that, it’s on to the latest season of All Creatures Great and Small, which means that I’m nowhere done with 1940s knitwear yet (plus, the cold season in Hanoi has just started.) However, the weather remains annoyingly warm. Sure, it gets a bit crisp in the morning and after sunset, but during the day, it can get quite hot. So I have to resort to my usual tactic – layering, especially with waistcoats, sweater vests, and short-sleeve shirts. It satisfies my craving for cold-weather clothes without making me feel overheated.

Big Old Softy

Sometimes, when the stars are all aligned, you find a piece that fits so well with your aesthetic/style that it doesn’t take any thought at all to put an outfit together. This cat shirt is one such piece. It’s the perfect piece for my “crazy cat lady” style, and this outfit just came together effortlessly. It’s what I imagine Miss Marple would wear if she was a twee style blogger in the early 2010s.

P/S: The title refers to Greebo the cat in Discworld. I’ve had too many posts titled “Cat Lady” or “Crazy Cat Lady” already, and the Witches of Discworld are pretty much my role models, so I figured a reference to Greebo would be appropriate.

Embracing The Wrinkles

This linen top is another thrift store find. I’ve been looking for more orange/rust/brown-colored tops (earth tones like those look good on me), and I was drawn to the cute little flowers embroidered on this. Of course, being linen, it wrinkles like crazy (these pants do, too – they wrinkle almost as soon as I put them on) but I’ve learned to just not give a fuck. It’s been so hot lately that I can only tolerate natural, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. I’d take the wrinkles over sweaty, smelly synthetic fabrics any day.