Last Outtakes Of 2016

2016 will forever go down in history as “The Year That Must Not Be Mentioned”. Seriously, what the fuck is up with this year? So many celebrity deaths (Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher hit me particularly hard), so many deaths, period, so many disasters, both social, political and natural. I think I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say I cannot be happier this year is over soon. Of course, who knows, maybe 2017 will be even worse, though I can’t imagine how.

Anyway, in an attempt to add some lightness to this black hole of a year, here are some leftover outtakes – I’m basically cleaning out my folder and posting everything I have left before moving on to the new year.

Here are the “Butter Fingers” pose:

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

The “What’s Wrong with My Legs/Feet” pose:

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

The “Wait, Did I Turn Off the Stove” pose:

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

And last but not least, the “Doggy Photobomb” post (although I was more of the photobomber in the second photo. My dog was just hanging out on the yard and I stepped into frame – you can kinda see it in her “I don’t know what’s happening” expression):

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey


Outtakes With Pets

It’s been a while since I did an outtake post, so I figure it would be fun for another round. When I look through my photos again, I notice there aren’t a lot of outtakes where I make a mistake, because I  take photos myself with a tripod and remote. On the other hand, there are plenty of “photobomb” outtakes, because for some reason, our dog always thinks it’s time for a belly rub whenever I bring out the tripod (OK, the more logical explanation is that when I go outside to take photos is also when she’s seeing me for the first time in the morning so she’s just coming over to say hello, but I like to think she’s developed a Pavlovian response to the sight of the tripod.)

outtake 1outtake 2
OK, just some rubs…

outtake 3aouttake 3b
Where are you going?

outtake 3cNO, STAAHHP!!!

And finally, here’s a sole outtake with the cat because, unlike the dog, she couldn’t give a shit:

outtake with cat

Outtakes: Puppies Photobomb Edition

We had some rain earlier in the week, but now the heat wave is back in full blast, so outfit posts are not happening. Instead I’m going to share some outtakes from old outfits. These are not your usual outtakes though, since they’re all photobombed by one of our dogs and her pup. We usually keep our dogs in the backyard, but since she had puppies back in March, we’ve been letting her roam free. It’s better for her and the pups, but of course, that means a lot more photobombs. Enjoy!

outtake with puppiesouttake with puppies

outtake with puppiesLook at the puppy’s body language here. It’s like she’s asking “Whatcha doing?”

outtake with puppiesouttake with puppies
April… and now

outtake with puppiesA scroll-down surprise. Though my “Are you kidding me?” face may have given it away

Breaking Cat News

I tend not to devote an entire post to something that is not an outfit or book/movie/TV review, but something happened over the weekend that I really had to share.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll probably remember that we have two cats, a gray tabby (the Mama Cat) and her daughter, a calico (Kitty – we don’t actually name our cats so that’s just how we tell them apart). Mama Cat is a lazy goofball who spends her day sleeping and eating, while Kitty is more skittish and active. We also have a dog. Now, about a month ago, the dog gave birth to four puppies. It was her first litter, and she got a bit overprotective. And on that very same day, Kitty disappeared.

She’s never been much of a “stay at home” cat so we weren’t too worried at first, but as days stretched into weeks and there was no sign of her, we figured she got scared of the dog and ran off, and something might have happened to her. Sadly, stray dogs and cats don’t stand much of a chance to survive around here, so there’s not much we can do.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I heard a cat mewing on our roof and saw a flash that looked like her, but it was dark and I couldn’t be sure. We left out some food in case she came back, but the food was untouched, so I thought I was mistaken, or she just didn’t want to come home.

Then, just this past Friday, I heard mewing on the roof again (it was more like caterwauling), and this time I saw clearly that it was her! We managed to lure her back into the house with food and put her in a cage. She didn’t like the cage though, so I let her out, and she’s been home ever since. Mama Cat hasn’t let her out of her sight (truth be told, I haven’t either), but it looks like she’s happy to stay home now, as if nothing has happened! What amazes me is that she looks perfectly fine for a cat that has ran away for five weeks. God knows where she’s been and how she’s managed to survive. I’m just glad she’s returned safely.

kitty by 14 shades of grey

P/S: I stole the title of the post from Breaking Cat News, an adorable bi-weekly web comic about the adventures of three reporter cats. You guys should really check it out.

Life On Film II

It’s been a while (two and a half years, in fact), since I posted my first attempts at film photography. I haven’t shot much film since – mostly because I was too busy, but also because it was a bit of a hassle to get processed. I finished two rolls about a year ago (it’s surprising how long it takes me to get the full 36 shots per roll), and didn’t get around to processing them until now, after I’ve discovered a lab close to the place where I teach my weekend film making workshop. Thankfully the films are still OK, and the photos turned out way better than I hoped:

Looking at these, I was reminded why I got into film photography in the first place. Now that I’ve found a processing lab, I will try to shoot film more regularly.  I know I sound like a total hipster saying this, but it’s so much more… rewarding than digital somehow.

Happy Year of the Goat!

You know how I often complain that Vietnam doesn’t have enough food-based holidays? I think I know why now. It’s because the Lunar New Year is like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. I’m currently stuffing my face and have been for the last three days or so. We had kind of a pre-New Year feast last weekend (when we made the rice cakes), we had one last night (for New Year’s Eve), we had one today (for New Year), and we’re going to have another one the day after tomorrow (for the end of the Lunar New Year holiday). So please, enjoy the photos of the feasts, the spring flowers in our garden, and the firework display, while I go sleep this off.

rice cakes by 14 shades of grey

kalanchoe flower by 14 shades of grey

camelia by 14 shades of grey

chrysanthemum by 14 shades of grey

camelias by 14 shades of greychrysanthemums by 14 shades of grey

camelia and bees by 14 shades of greypeach blossoms by 14 shades of grey

barbeque by 14 shades of greysticky rice by 14 shades of grey

barbequed meat by 14 shades of greyBarbequed pork and sticky rice cooked in bamboo stalks

new year feast by 14 shades of greynew year feast by 14 shades of grey
Bamboo shoot soup and sticky rice

new year feast by 14 shades of greyGlass noodle salad

new year feast by 14 shades of greynew year feast by 14 shades of grey
Slow-cooked pork and spring rolls

new year feast by 14 shades of greyBeef and vegetable stir-fry

new year feast by 14 shades of greyBraised chicken

firework by 14 shades of grey

firework by 14 shades of greyfirework by 14 shades of grey
Yeah, that’s a smiley face/Joker firework

firework by 14 shades of grey

Flora And Fauna

chickens by 14 shades of grey

It’s been insanely hot this past week, too hot for outfit posts, so here is a random post of flora and fauna around our house, while I answer this fun questionnaire I got from Isabella’s blog.

1. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? I’ve been watching Father Ted again as a palate cleanser after so much Hannibal. It’s by the same writer of The IT Crowd, so it’s the same brand of humor.

ladybug by 14 shades of greybird by 14 shades of grey

2. What is your earliest memory? Gosh, let me think… Probably being terrified after lifting up a rock in our garden and finding a gigantic ant hill underneath. I must’ve been two or three.

3. What is the strangest job you’ve had? I haven’t had a lot of actual jobs so I’m not sure. But if anything you do for money count as a job, then I guess the strangest thing I did is having to dress up as a clairvoyant for a school fair back in high school. I told fortunes (which were actually daily horoscopes I got online) for 2,000 VND each – about 10 cents at today’s exchange rate.

4. If you could visit a time and place in history for one week, which would it be? Tough question. I’d say Ancient Egypt to see how the pyramids were built, but the Austen fan in me wouldn’t say no to Regency England either. Honestly though, I’m a history buff so I’d go anywhere, as long as it’s safe!

5. Have you ever talked or walked in your sleep? Talking, no (as far as I know), but when I was little, there were a few times I fell asleep in one place and woke up in another with no idea how I got there.

desert rose by 14 shades of greybaby chicks by 14 shades of grey

6. What is one form of transportation you haven’t experienced that you would love to use? (ex: hoverboard, dragon, etc.) I wish I could say dragon but I’m terrified of heights. I think I’d love to try horse riding.

7. If you could magically acquire the ability to speak any language perfectly overnight, which would it be? Realistically I’d say German because everybody in my family speaks German, but if it’s any language I’d like to learn something like Welsh or Gaelic.

8. What piece of clothing holds the most sentimental value for you? I’m not particularly attached to my clothes, so maybe one of my brooches? Simply because they’re vintage. Oh and anything that is a gift from my family and friends, of course.

baby chick by 14 shades of grey

9. How did you behave toward your first crush? HAHAHAHAHAHAHANO. Actually, all of my crushes have been either famous or fictional, so there is nothing to tell.

10. What is one book you wish everyone in your life would read? Anything by Terry Pratchett, but especially Good Omen.

orchids by 14 shades of grey

I think I’m supposed to give my own questions too, but I’m too lazy to do that, so feel free to answer these questions below in the comment or in your own post (and send me a link!)