Last Outtakes Of 2016

2016 will forever go down in history as “The Year That Must Not Be Mentioned”. Seriously, what the fuck is up with this year? So many celebrity deaths (Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher hit me particularly hard), so many deaths, period, so many disasters, both social, political and natural. I think I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say I cannot be happier this year is over soon. Of course, who knows, maybe 2017 will be even worse, though I can’t imagine how.

Anyway, in an attempt to add some lightness to this black hole of a year, here are some leftover outtakes – I’m basically cleaning out my folder and posting everything I have left before moving on to the new year.

Here are the “Butter Fingers” pose:

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

The “What’s Wrong with My Legs/Feet” pose:

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

The “Wait, Did I Turn Off the Stove” pose:

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

And last but not least, the “Doggy Photobomb” post (although I was more of the photobomber in the second photo. My dog was just hanging out on the yard and I stepped into frame – you can kinda see it in her “I don’t know what’s happening” expression):

outtake by 14 shades of greyouttake by 14 shades of grey

2 Comments on “Last Outtakes Of 2016”

  1. Mike says:

    Well put Salazar. Yeah, it’s like, what is going on here, right?! I’m sure you heard about Debbie Reynolds dying the next day after her daughter passes (I figured that Fisher’s death would be a painful one for you…). And I’m definitely on board with you about political disasters, with one major one in particular that I’m not too happy about, if you know what I mean…

    2016 was a particularly painful year for me on a personal level as well for several reasons, most of which is just me basically needing to forgive people I’ve been angry with, but even that’s not so easy.

    But I’m hoping for better year in 2017. Looking forward to new books to read, new postcards to paint, new SIA challenges to do; I think it’ll be okay. If we survived 2016, we’ll make it through 2017. We’ll keep a good thought!

    Nice outtakes by the way!

  2. Yes, fingers crossed for a better 2017! And a great idea to turn this into an outtakes post 😀

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