Black And White Flowers

This dress is a little shorter than I like (it’s a hand-me-down from my sister, she liked things just knee-length, while I prefer the hem to hit well below the knees), but I can’t pass up the perfect 1940s silhouette. The print, too, is a favorite of mine – I’m always partial to anything with a botanical feel. I haven’t worn a necklace in forever, but the print of this dress doesn’t go well with a brooch, so a necklace it is. Plus, it goes so well with the black-and-white print, doesn’t it?

Violet, Violet, Sparkling With Dew

It seemed spring is definitely here, despite (or precisely because of) the patchiness of the weather. And that means I’m starting to bring out my floral clothes and accessories. Is it a little basic? Yes. But I do love a bit of theme dressing, especially when it comes to my brooches, so I’ll keep doing it anyway.

P/S: The post title is a line from “The Wild Violet” by Hannah Flagg Gould.

Magic On Wheel

For this week’s SIA, inspired by the vardos (wagons/caravans) of the Romani people, I was going to rely on one of my waistcoats to bring the colors and a general sense of opulence. However, the weather warmed up unexpectedly, forcing me to rethink the whole thing. In the end, I went with this dress – the busy print is a nod to the decoration on the outside of the vardos, while my belt and my patent shoes reflect their rich colors and lavish interiors. So perhaps not the most accurate interpretation, but I think it captured the feel of the inspiration quite well.

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1980s Does 1940s

This is my attempt to recreate the 1940s women’s pantsuit look. Obviously my blazer and pants are not a suit, and the pants and the blouse are more likely to be from the 1980s/1990s, but you can clearly see the 1940s influence in the silhouette, and the end result isn’t too far off from the real thing, if I do say so myself. The only thing nagging at me was that the collar of my blouse and the lapels of the blazer were kind of competing with each other. I should’ve worn a shirt with a pointier collar, or perhaps tried to find a collarless blazer.

Edwardian Lite

My love for Edwardian fashion is pretty well-documented on the blog, and I’m always on the lookout for pieces with an Edwardian feel. This blouse is my latest experiment, though I don’t think it’s very successful. The ruffle collar certainly says “Edwardian”, but the ruffle cuffs are a bit too fussy for me, and most of all – though you don’t see it in the outfit – it’s a crop top, which means I can pretty much only wear it as a layering piece. The outfit turned out OK, but I still think this one is going into the “donate” pile.