This is a simple outfit, but sometimes I just want something simple, especially when school just started again and I was trying to take it easy at first – and on top of that, our department is moving offices too, so there is a lot of running around. I was going for a slightly 1970s look with the wide-leg jeans and the clogs, but of course, I couldn’t leave off the brooches altogether, so I leaned into the star print on my shirt and added a star pin to my jeans too, for an extra touch.

’86, Baby!

Ever since season 4 of Stranger Things dropped back in late May, I – and most of the world, apparently – have succumbed to the charm of Eddie Munson/Joseph Quinn (because let’s face it, most of Eddie’s charm comes from Joseph’s performance.) I’ve never been invested in Stranger Things – I’m more than a casual viewer, but I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, and especially with the long gap between season 3 and season 4, my interest had dipped. When season 4 came out, I watched it just to see where the story went. Little did I know I would become obsessed with a character and the actor on a level I haven’t been since Richard Armitage as John Thornton in North & South. I guess the character resonates with me so much because I was pretty much Eddie in high school – I was that combo of nerd and metalhead (I listened to nu-metal, but still), and I was an outsider who reveled in that status because I didn’t feel like I belonged. And yes, his death hit hard (I’m sorry if that’s a spoiler for you, but honestly, unless you’ve been living under a rock…) I rarely cry at movies or TV shows, yet I was pretty much in a daze for an entire weekend after the finale because I was so upset.

So for my birthday, I thought I’d treat myself to a Hellfire T-shirt. The outfit is super simple – it’s not an Eddie cosplay (I’ve never been interested in cosplaying; I prefer to take inspiration from a look and put my own spin on it), but I guess you can say the distressed jeans and the sneakers are a nod to Eddie’s iconic look, and the whole thing is definitely an homage to the character anyway. Eddie, this is for you.

(I actually am an ’86 baby, so it’s perfect)

Ice Cream

It wasn’t my inspiration when I put this outfit together – I just wanted something light and simple, because it’s been too hot – but when I looked at these photos again, they just shouted “ice cream” to me. I mean, it’s not crazy, right? The skirt looks like a waffle cone, the shirt is the ice cream (vanilla), and the shoes and belt are like the chocolate sauce/sprinkles on top. What flavor would that be? Chocolate chip, cookie dough, Moose Tracks? Maybe I just really wanted some ice cream while I was writing this post.

Casual Vintage Summer

I bought these pants solely because of the buttons on the front – they remind me of those 1930s/1940s trousers with the bib at the front, like this pair. And, keeping with that inspiration, I paired them with this short-sleeve blouse and a headscarf (which is not just for show, by the way, a handkerchief is a good thing to have in our insanely muggy summer) for a casual vintage summer look. It’s a bit Land Girls, which is exactly my sweet style spot. I love vintage outfits, but they’re not always the most comfortable to wear, especially with dresses that require all sorts of foundation garments and accessories to look right, so these casual looks are a great way for me to fulfill that vintage aesthetic while remaining comfy.

1950s Schoolgirl

I didn’t realize it until I put this post together, but I actually wore this shirt in three different outfits over the course three weeks, and each outfit is inspired by a certain decade – first the 1930s, then the outfit with the cloisonne brooch is 1940s, and this one is 1950s. It just goes to show how versatile a good basic piece can be. The shirt itself is not vintage-inspired (the camp collar is a bit vintage, I guess), but because it’s so timeless, it can go with everything and every decade! As for this outfit, it is a bit schoolgirl-ish, so I wanted a school-related accessory, but it turns out I didn’t have any! In the end, I chose my DoodleBob pin. The pencil is kind of school-related, and it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek anachronism too (there was no SpongeBob in the 1950s), which I like.