Faux Suit

I’ve always loved the look of a three-piece suit, but my maximalist taste also thinks that it’s boring to wear three pieces in the same color, pattern, and texture, so ever since I started wearing more waistcoats, I’ve tried to recreate the look of a three-piece suit using different pieces that don’t necessarily match but go together, like here. I’s an experiment in pattern and color mixing, which I find much more fun and rewarding than just wearing a suit. One of my co-workers actually asked me if my waistcoat and jacket were a set, which I took to mean I’ve paired them well enough that you can’t tell from a casual glance that they’re separates.

Tie The Knot

No, I’m not getting married (ha!) I’m just trying out a new accessory this fall/winter season – ties. I’ve always wanted to try them out but was afraid they would look too mannish, but when I came across some floral ties at one of my favorite secondhand shops, I thought they may be a good practice. I’m starting slow first, going with with a plain outfit that picks up the colors from the tie – the background matches my pants exactly, and the blue print matches my shirt. I’m sure that when I get more comfortable with wearing them, I’ll try different, less “feminine” patterns as well. And hopefully get better at tying them too! I thought tying a tie was simple, but man, it took me so long to get this right. No wonder there are so many video tutorials.

Getting Jabbed

I wore this to get my first dose of COVID vaccination. I wasn’t going to photograph this – basically I just wore something sleeveless and comfy – but then I thought, “Hey, this doesn’t look half bad”, and decided to add the belt to make it more blog-worthy. Besides, I’d take any chance to get dressed up these days.

It’s a relief to get vaccinated, though I know I’m privileged to even get it at all – most of our vaccines are reserved for other parts of the country, where the outbreak is much worse, but as a teacher, I’m one of the prioritized groups. Besides, my mom hasn’t been able to get vaccinated yet due to her medications, so I’m doing what I can to keep her safe.


In the summer, I’m constantly searching for new ways to accessorize my outfits. Brooches don’t always work with my summer tops – not just because they may destroy the thinner fabric, but also because my summer tops tend to be printed and a brooch can’t stand out enough, while layering is mostly out of the question (I make do with my waistcoat and suspenders, but can’t rely on them all the time.) So here I am, trying a new look – the headscarf. I actually wear a headscarf like this whenever I bike in the summer, to prevent sweat from falling into my eyes, but it’s the first time I feature it on the blog. For some reason, the headscarf worn like this seems vaguely 1970s to me, so I kept the rest of the outfit 70s-inspired with my jean culottes and clogs.

Embracing The Wrinkles

This linen top is another thrift store find. I’ve been looking for more orange/rust/brown-colored tops (earth tones like those look good on me), and I was drawn to the cute little flowers embroidered on this. Of course, being linen, it wrinkles like crazy (these pants do, too – they wrinkle almost as soon as I put them on) but I’ve learned to just not give a fuck. It’s been so hot lately that I can only tolerate natural, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. I’d take the wrinkles over sweaty, smelly synthetic fabrics any day.