Strawberry Tea Set

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Childe Hassam’s “Strawberry Tea Set”. I knew I’d wear this dress, which is a perfect interpretation of the woman’s dress in the painting, but the accessories took some thinking. I have no strawberry brooch (something to be rectified as soon as possible!), but luckily I just bought a bunch of embroidered face masks to jazz up my outfits, and as luck would have it, I bought a strawberry one! There’s a bit of yellow in the painting too, so I added my yellow belt, and the embroidered flowers on it are also a nod to the pattern of the tea set – but let’s face it, it’s all about the face mask in this one. Don’t forget to check Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see how everybody did!

1950s Schoolgirl

I didn’t realize it until I put this post together, but I actually wore this shirt in three different outfits over the course three weeks, and each outfit is inspired by a certain decade – first the 1930s, then the outfit with the cloisonne brooch is 1940s, and this one is 1950s. It just goes to show how versatile a good basic piece can be. The shirt itself is not vintage-inspired (the camp collar is a bit vintage, I guess), but because it’s so timeless, it can go with everything and every decade! As for this outfit, it is a bit schoolgirl-ish, so I wanted a school-related accessory, but it turns out I didn’t have any! In the end, I chose my DoodleBob pin. The pencil is kind of school-related, and it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek anachronism too (there was no SpongeBob in the 1950s), which I like.

Planet Of Fire

Well, the unseasonably cool weather couldn’t last. We got some heavy rain last week, but now it’s warming up quickly. Before it gets completely scorching though, I managed to have one last hurrah, one last layered outfit – to be honest, it was a bit too warm for three layers, but as I mostly sat in an air-conditioned room (attending the thesis dissertation of the screenwriting students), it wasn’t bad. This outfit was built around the idea of pairing this waistcoat and blazer together, but I couldn’t find the right bottom to make it into one cohesive look. In the end, I was inspired by the costume of the Fifth Doctor on Doctor Who – more exactly, this outfit is a mix of his regular cricketer’s kit (the white jacket and tan trousers – his are striped though) and his floral waistcoat in the episode “Planet of Fire” (hence the post title). I even include a floral brooch as a nod to his celery boutonniere.

Cat Lady, Summer Version

This top is one of my favorite purchases from last season, but I haven’t worn it as much as I’d like, because it’s made of polyester and in our hot, humid summer, polyester = death. However, as it’s been unseasonably cool lately, I decided to give the top another try – after all, it is short-sleeved, so it shouldn’t be too bad (and it’s also why the rest of the outfit is just kinda there – I was just throwing things together.) And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s actually quite comfy to wear in the summer! Maybe not when it’s 100+ degrees out, but definitely wearable in early/late summer.

Lazy Day

The end of the semester is drawing close, which means I’m getting busier as usual; plus, as the numbers of COVID cases have gone down, we’re going back to working in person again, which only adds to the busyness. Because of that, I opted to go for something simple. It’s 1940s-inspired, as usual, but the pants and flat shoes allow me to run around more easily. And to go with that “lazy” theme, I accessorized this with a cat brooch. It doesn’t require a lot of thinking and is comfy to boot – my kind of outfit.