Hobbit Chic

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when I was dressing in fall colors in an attempt to bring fall weather here more quickly? It may have worked! (Just kidding, the weather is due to cool down around October anyway). It’s not cool enough for sweaters yet – heck, it’s barely even cool enough for long sleeves – but there is an almost imperceptible change in the air, a tiny hint of crispness early in the morning and when you’re in the shadow, enough for me to bring out my woolen waistcoats. The waistcoat and the earth tones of this outfit remind me of the Hobbits’ costumes, so, in lieu of a Leaf of Lorien, I accessorized it with my own leaf brooch (I actually have another brooch that looks more like the Leaf of Lorien brooch, but I like the understated feel of this one with this outfit more.)

End-Of-Summer Syndrome

I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank post for fifteen minutes trying to come up with something to say about the outfit, and I got nothing. It’s usually the case at the end of a season when I’m so sick of wearing the same clothes and just want to bring out my next season wardrobe already, but I can’t because it’s still too warm, so I end up putting random things together and call it a day. Usually it only happens in the summer though, because I feel the opposite at the end of fall/winter – I don’t want to stop wearing these cozy clothes!

Strawberry Tea Set

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Childe Hassam’s “Strawberry Tea Set”. I knew I’d wear this dress, which is a perfect interpretation of the woman’s dress in the painting, but the accessories took some thinking. I have no strawberry brooch (something to be rectified as soon as possible!), but luckily I just bought a bunch of embroidered face masks to jazz up my outfits, and as luck would have it, I bought a strawberry one! There’s a bit of yellow in the painting too, so I added my yellow belt, and the embroidered flowers on it are also a nod to the pattern of the tea set – but let’s face it, it’s all about the face mask in this one. Don’t forget to check Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see how everybody did!

1950s Schoolgirl

I didn’t realize it until I put this post together, but I actually wore this shirt in three different outfits over the course three weeks, and each outfit is inspired by a certain decade – first the 1930s, then the outfit with the cloisonne brooch is 1940s, and this one is 1950s. It just goes to show how versatile a good basic piece can be. The shirt itself is not vintage-inspired (the camp collar is a bit vintage, I guess), but because it’s so timeless, it can go with everything and every decade! As for this outfit, it is a bit schoolgirl-ish, so I wanted a school-related accessory, but it turns out I didn’t have any! In the end, I chose my DoodleBob pin. The pencil is kind of school-related, and it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek anachronism too (there was no SpongeBob in the 1950s), which I like.

Planet Of Fire

Well, the unseasonably cool weather couldn’t last. We got some heavy rain last week, but now it’s warming up quickly. Before it gets completely scorching though, I managed to have one last hurrah, one last layered outfit – to be honest, it was a bit too warm for three layers, but as I mostly sat in an air-conditioned room (attending the thesis dissertation of the screenwriting students), it wasn’t bad. This outfit was built around the idea of pairing this waistcoat and blazer together, but I couldn’t find the right bottom to make it into one cohesive look. In the end, I was inspired by the costume of the Fifth Doctor on Doctor Who – more exactly, this outfit is a mix of his regular cricketer’s kit (the white jacket and tan trousers – his are striped though) and his floral waistcoat in the episode “Planet of Fire” (hence the post title). I even include a floral brooch as a nod to his celery boutonniere.