Come Into The Garden

As I prepared these photos for the blog, I realized that I wore very similar things the same time last year – something about July that makes my outfits take on a decidedly floral look. I guess it’s because the summer flowers in our garden are starting to bloom, so I can’t help but draw some inspirations from them, which means bringing out my floral shirts, green bottoms, and brown shoes. They may not be the most imaginative “flower-inspired” looks, but they’re serviceable and easy to throw on, and in the summer, that’s all I’m asking for.

And on that note, here are some more of our flowers – it’s been a while since I shared these, so enjoy!

Trumpet vine

Rangoon creeper and crepe myrtle

More crepe myrtle

Cape periwinkle and a squash blossom

A Pretty Pickle

Red and green is a color combo I’m not brave enough to try often (I think I’ve only tried it once, way back when I first started the blog.) The Christmas association is too strong. Plus, in Vietnam, there’s a saying that translates to “Green pants and red shirt prove that you’re a boor”, so maybe that influences me somehow. But lately, I’ve discovered some red/green combinations that are more applicable, when the red and green are less saturated – like here, which is more like pink and green (the gingham tones down the red color a bit), or red and olive green. It would be fun to try more opposite color combos like that.

On an unrelated note, the post title is obviously a reference to my brooch, but it’s also a joke because my family, despite our large garden, has never been able to grow cucumbers. One year my dad started three pots, which grew and covered the entire trellises, but never produced a single flower, let alone a fruit. After that he got frustrated and quit trying to grow cucumbers again.

The Cycle Of Clothes

I can’t seem to pair these pants with anything but botanical-themed top. In my defense, this T-shirt is getting pretty faded already, so I wanted to take it out for one last spin, so to speak, before retiring it to my “home” wardrobe – clothes that are old/out of style but still wearable, so I keep them to wear around the house or to run some quick errands if necessary. And then, when they get too old to be worn anymore, they’ll get turned into dust rags and cleaning cloths. That’s the life cycle of clothes in my house, and I think it’s much more economical and makes more sense than the whole Marie Kondo, “spark joy” mumbo-jumbo.

The thing about the Kondo method that rubs me the wrong way is that not all of us can afford to throw things away just because they no longer “spark joy”. Of course, if you can donate them, then by all means, do, but I think it’s better to find other ways for you to use them. I don’t need my things to spark joy. I just need them to be useful.

Show Me A Garden Bursting Into Life

If I have to describe my style this summer in a few words, they would be dresses, linen, green/brown, and embroideries (usually broderie anglaise or a nature motif like flowers and leaves.) Those are the things I tend to navigate to while thrifting. My style hasn’t actually changed; it’s just that thrifting has helped to focus it and define it more. This outfit nicely reflects that. This linen embroidered top (yes, another one, I know) is not thrifted – it’s an early birthday present from my sister – but it fits in perfectly with my aesthetics. My sister knows me so well.

P/S: The title is a line from Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but it’s been a while since I used a song as my post title, and given my outfit and the desert roses blooming behind me, I thought it would be appropriate.

Green Legs

If there is one color I’m navigating toward this summer, it’s green. Maybe because it’s so hot that I can only deal with cool colors, or maybe it’s just because I didn’t have a lot of it in my closet, but thanks to thrift stores, I’ve been stocking up. These pants are just one of the green things I bought recently (trust me, you’ll see more.)

The outfit is simple, but I decided to have some fun with the accessories and add my ladybird pin to the embroideries on my top. The ladybirds do love the coriander flowers in our garden.