Of all the things I left back in LA when I moved home, the one that I think about the most (other than my books) is this plaid wool skirt, which I bought to dress up as Peggy from Mad Men one Halloween. It’s probably not going to fit me now and may be too heavy for our climate, but it is perfect for my style now (it goes to show that my style really has come full circle.) I’ve been searching for a replacement for a while, and although I’ve found a couple of brown plaid skirts (seen here and here), none of them is quite right – either it’s too short or the fabric is different. This one may be the closest in terms of length and fabric, but it’s still not perfect. But I think I should stop looking for that perfect one. I have enough skirts already, and it’s very unlikely that I would come across the exact piece (it’s only happened to be once, with this top.)

Garden Under Rain

I had a different outfit planned for this week’s SIA, inspired by Gauguin’s “Garden under Snow“, but we had some rain and the temperature dropped, giving me a chance to bring out some more winter-y clothes – this cardigan and these wool pants. The colors of the cardigan are a nod to the snowy background (so is the peek of blue of my socks), and Daenel mentioned that tweed may be a texture to bring out the sense of movement in the painting, so I thought these pants would do. All in all, I’m really happy with this outfit, even if it was a last-minute decision.

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