This is a simple outfit, but sometimes I just want something simple, especially when school just started again and I was trying to take it easy at first – and on top of that, our department is moving offices too, so there is a lot of running around. I was going for a slightly 1970s look with the wide-leg jeans and the clogs, but of course, I couldn’t leave off the brooches altogether, so I leaned into the star print on my shirt and added a star pin to my jeans too, for an extra touch.

Wearing The Pants

Here I am, continuing with my 1940s-inspired outfits. I meant to use these jeans as a stand-in for those straight-leg/wide-leg 1940s pants (something like these or these), and the blazer, with its strong shoulder, is also vaguely 1940s. Luckily for me, “80s/90s does 40s” garments are in abundance in secondhand/vintage stores around here, so I’m able to find a lot of pieces with that vintage vibe. I know they’re not exactly accurate, but then again I’m not a cosplayer or reenactor – and besides, if I ever find an authentic 1940s piece, I would probably be too scared of damaging it to actually wear it!

No Jewelry

I’ve been feeling disinclined to wear any jewelry lately. Mostly it’s because the tops I’m wearing are pretty attention-grabbing on their own (like this fish-print blouse), so any brooch or necklace would just clutter up the outfit. Besides, I’m getting bored with all of my accessories, but don’t want to buy any new one. Also, it’s really hot and muggy these days and I just want to put on a shirt and be done with it (to the point I didn’t even bother changing my jeans + sandals pairing.) It’s going to change in the fall, I’m sure, but for now I’m going to stick to a “minimal jewelry” look.

A Stylish Potato Sack

This blouse is the third (and last) of my shopping haul to prepare for the new school year. I wasn’t going to get it because it’s the exact same cut as the gray polka-dot one and I was afraid it would look like a potato sack on me, but my sister convinced me that it’s my color. She’s right, of course – my coloring is autumn, so earth tones look best on me – and even though I still think it looks like a potato sack, it’s a nice potato sack, so I’m happy to add it to my closet.

P/S: Looking at these photos again, I realized that my beige sandals may be better – they make the bottom half of the outfit less heavy – but as I just wore these sandals earlier in the week, it was easier to grab them.


Bad Omen

blue gingham shirt wide-leg jeans black heels by 14 shades of grey

This outfit is as bland as room-temperature oatmeal, but there is a reason for it and for this post, I swear. See, it hasn’t rained in nearly a month here, and combined with the construction site right in front of our house, that means dust, dust, dust everywhere. So this morning I thought I’d try my old “style voodoo” by wearing my rain shirt, to see if that could make it rain. But when I went into my closet to get the shirt, it was nowhere to be found! I haven’t worn in since April, so it’s possible that it got lost in the shuffle when I put away my winter clothes. I don’t mind the shirt so much, but if I was more superstitious, I’d say this could be a very bad sign for the rain…

Also, that means I had to wear this gingham shirt instead. Riveting stuff, I know.

blue gingham shirt wide-leg jeans by 14 shades of greyblue gingham shirt wide-leg jeans by 14 shades of grey

Shirt, Cuff, & Heels: local shops, Jeans: Old Navy