Summer Layering

When the weather warms up, one of the things I always struggle with is how to make my outfits more interesting. During the cooler months, I can always rely on layering to play around with colors and textures, but that’s not so feasible in the summer. This year, however, with my newly purchased waistcoat, I have a summer layering item that doesn’t add too much bulk or weight. Of course, it only works with a lightweight waistcoat like this one, and only when it’s under 35 degrees Celsius (about 95F). Anything higher than that and I’m not even venturing outdoors, let alone worrying about having an interesting outfit.

Shrinking Violet

I bought this skirt way back last fall, but haven’t been able to find a top to pair with it – I didn’t realize that gray and blue would be such a tough combo to match! Any color I pair with this skirt would either not look right or seem too much, so I was happy to discover this blue sweater, which matches the blue of the skirt exactly. I also added a flower brooch (some violets, hence the post title) to make it more spring-appropriate. Usually, I would try to avoid “one-trick ponies” (items that can only be pair with one other item) and matchy-matchy looks like this though, so I’m going to have to find some new ways to wear this skirt before next winter.

Simultaneous Dress

We’re still working from home, so I’m strictly in a T-shirt-and-pajama-bottom capsule wardrobe these days (with the occasional button-up when I have an online class to teach). As you can imagine, this puts a damper on my options for SIA outfits. Luckily, while looking through my backlogged posts, I found this outfit. It’s not an exact match to this week’s inspiration, Sonia Delaunay’s “Simultaneous Dresses“, the colorful plaid is a good nod to the colors and graphic patterns in the painting, and my blue oxford shoes are a good match to the blue background as well. So all in all, I’m happy with it.

Don’t forget to check Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this painting!

Let It Go

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it, and happy holidays to everyone! Here’s a Christmassy outfit to end the year, featuring yet another blue velvet piece – this skirt. it also looks like a real-world version of an Elsa costume, hence the post title. I saw a bunch of these pleated velvet skirts at my local and may have bought one in every color… In my defense, they’re pretty classic, so I hope to get years of wear out of them.

Anyway, this is the last outfit post of 2020. Next week will be a full week of yearly review posts, so stay tuned!

Velvet And Silk

For this week’s SIA, inspired by a pair of 19th-century silk boudoir slippers, I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture the colors exactly, since I have nothing close to that rich purple in my closet. So instead, I decided to take inspiration from the contrast between the textures of the slippers – the silk and the velvet. I then ran the photo of the slippers through my photo editor to change their hues into a color scheme I could work with, and finally came up with this blue-green combo.

So that’s how this outfit came about – the silk blouse is a hand-me-down from my mom, the velvet skirt is a recent thrift find, and of course, I had to add a brooch to mimic the sparkly buckles of the slippers. For the touch of blue, I thought about wearing my lace-up flats, but they made the outfit too fussy, so I went with these oxfords instead. All in all, I’m really happy with the outfit, even if I had to bend and reach a bit to translate it from the inspiration. But isn’t that the fun of SIA though? Don’t forget to check out Daenel’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by these slippers!