SIA Inspiration: Jogakbo

No, “jogakbo” is not the name of a new, up-and-coming artist. Rather, it’s the name for this type of Korean patchwork cloth, which Jen chose for our SIA inspiration this week:

Like the Japanese furoshiki, the Koreans also have a type of cloth used specifically for wrapping clothes, food, gifts and other things called “bojagi“, and “jogakbo” (or “chogakbo”) refers to the type of patchwork bojagi made from scrap fabrics (“jogakbo” can also mean the patchwork technique itself).

Now, this one has a lot of fun colors to choose from, so I’m thinking some color blocking is in order. The great thing is that you don’t have to include them all; you can simply pick any combination of colors that you like. Just remember to send your outfit to Jen ( by next Monday, April 24th!

So Frawnch

At the risk of sounding totally pretentious, I must say this outfit feels quite French to me. I’m not sure if it’s the pants, the white button-up, the scarf, or the cropped trench coat, or a combination of them. No, it’s definitely the scarf. I usually zhuzh my scarves a lot whenever I wore them, but this time I just knotted it quickly and let it be. I guess that lends it a certain air of “je ne sais quoi”.

Of course, if this was truly a French look, I would have to pose with my coat around my shoulders, but I tried it and it looked like I had no arms, so I guess I’m not quite so French after all.

Everything from local shops except thrifted trench coat and hand-me-down scarf

More Cats

Sure, why not. We already started this week on a cat theme, so I might as well roll with it. But there was actually a bit more thinking behind my accessorizing – see, this is my “Mori Girl” blouse, so I tend to reach for the “natural” accessories whenever I wear it (like the lacquered owl brooch last time), in keeping with the Mori Girl aesthetics. I’m not brave enough to try the full Mori Girl look, and it’s not my style anyway, but sometimes a certain item calls for a certain way of styling.

Top: local boutique, Jeans: H&M, Oxfords: Vagabond, Brooch: The Dulcet Fig

SIA: Monmon Cats

As a reminder, this week we’re featuring outfits inspired by the Monmon (tattooed) Cats painting of Kazuaki Horitomo. I will try to refrain from cheesy cat puns (like “purrfect”, for example. By the way, my spell check is not even highlighting it, which I find truly worrying.) Hit it, cat ladies (and gent)!

First up, we have Nancy from Jodie’s Touch of Style, in a cozy jacket and a pop of red:

Next up is Mike (who now has a blog – check it out!), in a simple but classic look:

Jen has the coolest accessories – check out her embroidered belt and super adorable cat tote:

Erin is a dog person, so she took a photo with her dog, Chewie. I love the casualness of her outfit and that her flats show off her tattoo as well:

Melissa, a long-time SIA participant, is back with a lovely outfit and not just one, but two kitty pins:

How adorable are Kezzie‘s cat collar and brooch? She always brings it!

And finally, here’s me:

That’s it for this week’s challenge! Thank you for participating, and return next week for a new inspiration from Jen!

Tattooed Cats

One of the things I love about SIA is that it inspires me to put together outfits that I’d never come up with otherwise. Takes this outfit, for example – I would never decide to pair these particular items together, but now that I did, I was quite happy with it. It has a vaguely 80’s feel (I think it’s the combination of the high-waisted pants and the shoulder pads on my jacket), but I like it. And of course, it’s perfect for this week’s SIA, inspired by the Monmon Cats painting of Kuazaki Horitomo.

I wanted to get my cats in the photos – they happen to look quite similar to the two cats in the painting, one is a tabby and the other a tortoiseshell – but when I took these photos, they were having breakfast so I didn’t want to interrupt them. At least the cat on my jacket is not running anywhere 🙂

The full round-up will be posted tomorrow, so remember to drop by!

Top: Mango, Pants: Topshop, Jacket: tailor, Heels: Zara, Brooch: local shop

As Old As Time

I’ve made a habit of dressing in themes whenever I go to see a movie – nothing overt, it’s not like I’m cosplaying or anything, but I would often wear an outfit in the main color scheme of the movie I’m seeing (see: red + blue for The Amazing Spiderman and Captain America, black + red or white + blue for Star Wars, black + gray for Rogue One, etc.) So, in keeping with this grand traditional, which I totally just made up, I dressed in blue, yellow, and brown when I went to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday.

The truth is that I had no interest in seeing it, but I’ve promised my niece I would take her, and a promise is a promise. The movie is OK, I guess. I enjoyed it more than Cinderella, but that’s only because I like Emma Watson as an actress, Belle as a character is slightly more active than Cinderella, and Dan Stevens is hot (I’ve been watching Legion.) Other than that, the movie is an overly glossy, almost shot-for-shot remake of the cartoon, without the heart and the charm. Tale as old as time, indeed. But it made a shitload of money, so it doesn’t look like these pointless Disney live-action remakes are going anywhere soon.

Dress: tailor, Boots: Topshop, Brooch: vintage

What’s A Weekend?

I haven’t had a weekend break for 3 weeks now. Two weeks ago I was accompanying the Singaporean student to Mai Chau, and after that, we had to prepare for a group of officials coming to examine our school. Sort of like audits, but they were examining every aspect of the school. The good thing is that we’re a liberal arts school, so a lot of questions could be answered with “That’s how we do things around here”, but still, it was understandably stressful and my co-workers and I had to come in over the past weekends to make sure our paperwork was in order. Thank the gods that it was over by Wednesday, so I can finally catch up on my errands and freelance work.

Anyway, given the crazy schedule, this is what I managed to put together – I’m sorry that I’ve been using the “busy” excuse so much, but that’s because it’s true.

Top: Forever21, Blazer: Warehouse, Jeans: H&M, Loafers: Footglove, Brooch: vintage