Edwardian Dapper

(The blur on my blazer is actually a dragonfly mid-flight. I thought it looked cool)

While I enjoy incorporating vintage/historical elements in my outfits, I tend to combine them with more modern pieces, for practical reasons – it’s just difficult finding vintage pieces around here. However, since rediscovering secondhand shopping, I’ve been navigating toward more purely vintage/historical looks. Take this outfit, for example. Before, I would probably wear this shirt with jeans or a leather jacket to “modernize” it a bit, but now I just thought, What the heck. Let’s dress like a Teddy Boy/Girl, because I want to. (That said, the Teddy Boys and Girls actually took their inspiration from the Edwardian era, so their style is already a modernized version.)


2 Comments on “Edwardian Dapper”

  1. I really like this look. Your cameo sets just the right mood. Honestly, I think good vintage is hard to find at a thrift shop, no matter where it is. Generally, you have to go to a shop that specializes in vintage, and then it’s far from being thrifty 🙂
    I have a few pieces and also mix them with modern pieces.

    • Salazar says:

      It depends on how you (and the stores) define “vintage”. For me it’s anything from the 80s and back, because that’s the best I can get, but I’ve seen things from the 90s and 2000s (!!!) sold as “vintage” around here so who knows.

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