Party Dress

Our holiday break for the Lunar New Year wasn’t supposed to start until next week, but we just had a recent outbreak of COVID cases and everything is in lockdown mode again, so we got off a week early. Fingers crossed that the break won’t get extended into nearly 3 months like it did last time!

Anyway, that means that for the next month or so, I’ll be posting backlogged outfits. First up is this outfit I wore to our school’s end-of-semester party. This dress is quickly becoming my go-to “party dress”, because it can be easily accessorized. For this, I kept things simple with heels in a complementary color and this vintage brooch – it’s my favorite because it mimics the look of a corsage. I suspect it was handmade too, which makes it all the more special!


One Comment on “Party Dress”

  1. Mike says:

    Sorry, I forgot to comment now that your post has officially gone live!
    I really like your outfit! Cute, but also elegant and classy. A perfect way to celebrate the end of your semester. That brooch is perfect!

    Yes, not hoping for another shutdown. Ours happened right in the middle of my vacation last year so I had more time off from work than I anticipated!

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