Abigail Rose

This week’s SIA, inspired by the 18th-century anonymous portrait of Abigail Rose, took me some thinking. Not because I wasn’t sure what to wear, but rather because I’d already worn an outfit that would’ve been perfect for it – my Arthur Havisham costume a couple of weeks ago – and didn’t want to repeat myself. Plus, when the artwork is a portrait or features clothes of some kind, I’m always tempted to recreate the clothes exactly, which is not the most interesting approach, I find.

In the end, I went with the “rose” theme and pair this waistcoat (I knew I’d worn this shirt + waistcoat combo for the last SIA, but they just work) with my olive green culottes, which is the same color as the girl’s dress. My brooch is a nod to the Battersea box on the table, and my shoes have a touch of burgundy to reflect the red curtains on the wall. All in all, I’m quite happy with the outfit – you can see the influence of the painting but it’s not too obvious.

A Dickensian Halloween

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I’m firmly in the camp of “practicality” over “accuracy”, meaning I would prefer to put together an outfit that I can wear on a normal day, using what I already have, and only inspired by the original, rather than putting together a cosplay look (see my Doctor Who costume or my “punk Eleven”-inspired outfit, for example.)

This year is no different. I knew there would be a gazillion Eddies, so even though I did wear my Hellfire shirt and leather jacket on Monday, I wanted to have a proper costume, and since my obsession with Joe Quinn is still very much alive and strong, I decided to go with another of his characters – Arthur Havisham from Dickensian. He has a lot of great Victorian dandy looks, but the show is so dark and dreary that you can’t see them properly most of the time. In the end, I went with this particular red jacket and floral waistcoat combo because you can actually see it in a behind-the-scene interview (I’m including the screenshot mostly because Joe’s smile is adorable) and I have items in my closet of similar colors. I know his trousers are dark gray, but these corduroy pants work better – again, practical over accurate – and I see them as a nod to his red velvet jacket too. Now, if I could only find a pocket watch and chain, it would be perfect.

Edwardian Dapper

(The blur on my blazer is actually a dragonfly mid-flight. I thought it looked cool)

While I enjoy incorporating vintage/historical elements in my outfits, I tend to combine them with more modern pieces, for practical reasons – it’s just difficult finding vintage pieces around here. However, since rediscovering secondhand shopping, I’ve been navigating toward more purely vintage/historical looks. Take this outfit, for example. Before, I would probably wear this shirt with jeans or a leather jacket to “modernize” it a bit, but now I just thought, What the heck. Let’s dress like a Teddy Boy/Girl, because I want to. (That said, the Teddy Boys and Girls actually took their inspiration from the Edwardian era, so their style is already a modernized version.)

Duchess Inspired

When I saw these photos of Kate Middleton back in May, I knew I had to put together something inspired by it. The culottes are cute, but what really drew me to the outfit is the shirt. I’m a sucker for broderie anglaise (I have, at last count, four tops with some on them – it’s part of my Anglophilia, I guess) but I never thought to pair them with my culottes, so here we are.

At first, I thought about wearing my sneakers to mimic the Duchess’ outfit completely, but then I found sneakers make it slightly too casual – Kate Middleton may have pulled them off, but I couldn’t – so in the end, I decided to wear my red heels because there is a bit of red on my shirt.

Silvery Vines

I’ve been wearing a lot of gray lately (this outfit is nothing, as you shall see). I tried to liven this outfit up with a brooch, but then none of my colored brooches look right with this sweater, so I ended up using this silver brooch, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of adding a pop of color in the first place. But I don’t mind. I guess I’m just in the mood for gray.