Woman With A Parasol

I had so much fun pairing my saddle shoes with socks and dresses that I tried it again with this dress, again adding my own funky twist with these printed socks instead of the traditional white bobby socks. I had thought about saving these socks for SIA someday (they are printed with Monet’s “Woman with a Parasol“, hence the post title), but truly, I’ve been wearing these artwork socks for SIA at least twice already, so I didn’t want to use them as a crutch. They’re fun in their own right, and I should wear them more, not just for SIA.

In other news, my dress could really use a good steaming, but I figured it’s just going to get wrinkled anyway, so why bother?

3 Comments on “Woman With A Parasol”

  1. I love this outfit, Salazar! Such a pretty shade of green in your dress, and the socks are a perfect touch.


  2. Again, another wonder shirtwaist dress and that green works so good for you. So may we expect at Monet sometime in the future. I’m up for it!

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