Summer Floral

We are still in the grips of a heatwave, so here’s a simple outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by a piece of Spanish embroidery. Since I’ve worn a very similar outfit for another SIA challenge, I decided to switch it up by pairing this floral T-shirt with white jeans and adding my green heels to mimic the green scroll at the bottom of the piece. I have to admit, the shoes are kind of an afterthought and I’m not entirely happy with them because they are a bit formal and don’t really go with the rest of the outfit, which is more casual. If I had built the outfit around the shoes, I would’ve worn my embroidered blouse instead. But it was too hot to think anyway, so here we are.

Don’t forget to send your outfit to Daenel (if you haven’t already) and check out her blog on Wednesday for the round-up of all outfits inspired by this work of art!


4 Comments on “Summer Floral”

  1. mommyhon333 says:

    Great interpretation. My top is very similar to yours in more muted shades. Love your shoes. Green is the very best color ever!!

  2. And I totally love the shoes! The color and the style are fabulous. But I do the same thing — think something is either too formal or too casual for the rest of my outfit. Still, I love what you’re wearing. That tee is very pretty.

    I’m trying so hard not to complain about the heat because I remember how cold I was all winter, but it’s hard… Not gonna lie.

  3. I love the bit of green in the shoes. And even though it’s a simple outfit, it totally pops with the floral and the shoes. Nice job!

  4. […] Salazar, 14 Shades of Grey, built her outfit around the neutral tones in the fabric swatch. And while keeping everything neutral, she pumped it up with those oh-so-fab green shoes, which imitate the border in the fabric swatch. And just in case you didn’t know, Salazar has the best whimsical blouse collection ever! Find out the details of her outfit here. […]

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