Summer Floral

We are still in the grips of a heatwave, so here’s a simple outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by a piece of Spanish embroidery. Since I’ve worn a very similar outfit for another SIA challenge, I decided to switch it up by pairing this floral T-shirt with white jeans and adding my green heels to mimic the green scroll at the bottom of the piece. I have to admit, the shoes are kind of an afterthought and I’m not entirely happy with them because they are a bit formal and don’t really go with the rest of the outfit, which is more casual. If I had built the outfit around the shoes, I would’ve worn my embroidered blouse instead. But it was too hot to think anyway, so here we are.

Don’t forget to send your outfit to Daenel (if you haven’t already) and check out her blog on Wednesday for the round-up of all outfits inspired by this work of art!

Spring In October

I think from now on I would have to include a short line about the weather in each outfit post (temperature, condition, etc.) This is more for my reference. See, sometimes I have to travel to a different climate and want to pack the right clothes, but because the climate is Hanoi is so extreme, I would often forget how to pack for 50-degree weather, when it’s still 90 degrees here (like when I went to Germany in September) or vice versa (like when I went to Singapore in February.) And looking at my archives doesn’t always help, because I would find wildly unseasonable outfit like this one. It was actually from a couple of weeks ago, when it was supper muggy before a storm, so it didn’t feel much different from spring/summer.

Different Shoes

At first, I wore this outfit with my black wedge sandals, but then I realized I have been wearing them a lot – in all but one of my outfits this month so far – so I decided to switch to my nude sandals instead. In hindsight, I realized that the black wedges may have been a better choice because they help to balance out the dark-colored top and the light-colored bottom. Ah well, it’s too late now. And besides, I needed to break up the monotony. With a different kind of monotony.

Marble As White As Milk

winter white by 14 shades of grey

I had to admit, when I picked the sculptures of Gian Lorenzo Bernini as this week’s SIA inspiration, I didn’t know what my outfit would be. I just had some vague ideas about an all-white or all-gray outfit, but that’s about it. Then, I watched the episode about Bernini on Simon Schama’s Power of Art again (amazing series, you guys should really check it out) and was particularly struck by “Apollo and Daphne“, so I decided to use it as the basis for my outfit. My jeans and sweater mimic the texture of the skin and the hair of the two figures, while my leaf-printed scarf is a nod to Daphne’s leafy fingers. The only part I’m not happy with are my white sneakers – they’re too sporty and don’t really go with the look. I should’ve just worn my brown boots and not worried about maintaining the white theme.

winter white by 14 shades of greywinter white by 14 shades of grey

Sweater: Atmosphere, Jeans: local shop, Sneakers: hand-me-down, Scarf: gift

The Stars Aligned

black striped tee white jeans black pumps by 14 shades of grey

I usually lay out my clothes the night before, because I like my sleep and don’t want to waste precious minutes of it thinking about what I’m going to wear in the morning. Of course, laying out clothes beforehand means losing sleep the night before. Sometimes I would agonize over my closet for hours the night before to figure out what to lay out for the next day, only to end up with a lackluster outfit that I don’t really like.

But sometimes, when the stars are aligned, an outfit would come together with almost no thoughts involved. I didn’t even have to lay out the clothes beforehand. I just thought, “Have I ever worn this with this? I don’t think so. OK then.” Is this the most stylish thing out there? Probably not, but it’s put-together, and if it means I can get an extra 15 minutes of sleep, all the better.

black striped tee white jeans black pumps by 14 shades of greyblack striped tee white jeans black pumps by 14 shades of grey

black striped tee white jeans black watch by 14 shades of greyblack striped tee white jeans by 14 shades of grey

Top: Forever21, Jeans & Shoes: local shops, Watch: hand-me-down