Autumnal Cap

This week’s SIA inspiration, a 19th-century cap, seems quite easy for me – the green color and the embroideries are things easily found in my closet. However, after looking at the cap more closely, I saw that it has quite a lot of yellow/gold, which is not that easy for me to recreate in my outfit. In the end, I decided to go in a different direction with this yellow shirtwaist dress – the print is perfect for the flowers on the cap, and I paired it with an embroidered belt and green shoes to mimic the rest of the cap. I’m really happy with the result, even though it wasn’t what I’d originally planned.

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Liberty Head

I really had no idea what I was going to wear for this week’s SIA, inspired by Peter Max’s pop art print “Liberty Head“. It features a lot of bright colors that I don’t have in my closet (bright pink, turquoise blue, yellow), and I don’t have anything in the stars-and-stripes theme that wouldn’t feel like I was shoehorning it to fit the inspiration. In the end, I decided to just go with the colors and picked out some pieces that kinda go together. I’m very pleased with these green heels – the colors and the cut-outs perfectly echo the crown of Lady Liberty – but the rest of the outfit is just so-so to me. Oh well.

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This is my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Kate Bunce‘s “Melody (Musica)”. I tried to recreate the red-and-green color scheme of the painting with my red shoes, but ended up looking like a walking Christmas tree, so I toned it down with my pink shirt instead. It goes better with the green, and the embroideries can mimic the foliage in the painting (both the actual blossoms and the print on the lady’s dress). I would’ve stopped there, but then I noticed the necklace the lady is wearing in the painting, so my vintage-looking necklace made for the perfect outfit-completer.

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Summer Floral

We are still in the grips of a heatwave, so here’s a simple outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by a piece of Spanish embroidery. Since I’ve worn a very similar outfit for another SIA challenge, I decided to switch it up by pairing this floral T-shirt with white jeans and adding my green heels to mimic the green scroll at the bottom of the piece. I have to admit, the shoes are kind of an afterthought and I’m not entirely happy with them because they are a bit formal and don’t really go with the rest of the outfit, which is more casual. If I had built the outfit around the shoes, I would’ve worn my embroidered blouse instead. But it was too hot to think anyway, so here we are.

Don’t forget to send your outfit to Daenel (if you haven’t already) and check out her blog on Wednesday for the round-up of all outfits inspired by this work of art!


mint shirt dragonfly brooch by 14 shades of grey

I admit, I picked this week’s SIA inspiration – the “Dragonfly Lady” brooch by RenĂ© Lalique – mainly because I have this dragonfly brooch. But then again I bought this brooch because it reminds me of the Lalique brooch in the first place (you can see how it clearly copies the design of the wings and the body from the Lalique brooch), so it’s come full circle.

As for the rest of the outfit, it came together pretty quickly for me – mint (with a hint of gold), black, and my green cut-out heels to mimic the intricacy of the brooch. Done and done.

mint shirt black midi skirt by 14 shades of greymint shirt black midi skirt green heels by 14 shades of grey

black midi skirt green heels by 14 shades of greymint shirt by 14 shades of grey

The full round-up post with other interpretations will be up tomorrow so remember to drop by!

Shirt: Mango, Skirt & Shoes: thrifted, Brooch: Bijou Brigitte