Busy Lady (With Cheetah)

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Yinka Shonibare’s “Leisure Lady (with Ocelots)”. This one was quite a challenge for me, mostly due to the busy pattern of the lady’s dress. If it were winter, I would be able to put together an outfit quite easily, but when the weather is warm, I always feel disinclined to wear too many patterns (and most of my warm-weather clothes only have simple, streamlined patterns like stripes and plaid, or embroideries). After some searching, I managed to find this skirt – it’s certainly one of the busiest summer pieces that I own, and the pattern is reminiscent of animal print, which is appropriate, plus the colors match. I paired it with this turquoise top for the touch of blue/green in the lady’s dress, and of course, I had to accessorize with my cheetah brooch (no ocelot, but it’s close, right?) So I’m reasonably happy with the outfit… but I would be much happier if this was a winter challenge :)))


One Comment on “Busy Lady (With Cheetah)”

  1. Oooh I love the way this outfit came together, Salazar! The turquoise color looks so great with that skirt. I knew you would have the perfect brooch for this challenge, too! I felt the same as you as far as the season…this would have been way easier to style in colder weather. Fortunately, it wasn’t too terribly hot where I live so I styled a fallish outfit.


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