Busy Lady (With Cheetah)

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Yinka Shonibare’s “Leisure Lady (with Ocelots)”. This one was quite a challenge for me, mostly due to the busy pattern of the lady’s dress. If it were winter, I would be able to put together an outfit quite easily, but when the weather is warm, I always feel disinclined to wear too many patterns (and most of my warm-weather clothes only have simple, streamlined patterns like stripes and plaid, or embroideries). After some searching, I managed to find this skirt – it’s certainly one of the busiest summer pieces that I own, and the pattern is reminiscent of animal print, which is appropriate, plus the colors match. I paired it with this turquoise top for the touch of blue/green in the lady’s dress, and of course, I had to accessorize with my cheetah brooch (no ocelot, but it’s close, right?) So I’m reasonably happy with the outfit… but I would be much happier if this was a winter challenge :)))

Spring Colors, Fall Textures

I’m continuing with my attempt to slowly switch my clothes for warmer weather. I think I was in a state of shock most years because we never have much of a spring –  just a week of humidity and intense discomfort, and then suddenly it’s summer – but this year, we actually have some pretty spring-like weather. It’s still pretty cool in the morning here (in fact, we’re due for another cold snap later this week), so I went with my short-sleeve sweater and wool skirt, but I kept the colors brighter and accessorized with a flower brooch to make it more spring-like. I may never warm up to spring (cheesy pun totally intended), but I’m getting the hang of dressing for it.

You Can Never Wear Too Many Textures

Yes, there is pattern mixing here, but mostly I wanted to play around with the textures – the different wool textures of the pants, the vest, and the jacket. The eyelets on my shirt collar can count as another texture as well. I kept the colors roughly in the same family, brown and green (even the brown body and green eyes of my owl brooch match the browns of my shoes and pants, and the greens of the vest and jacket) to keep the outfit from being too busy.

Looking at it now, I realize this outfit would be perfect for this week’s SIA too. I guess I was just feeling green and brown this week…


I’ve been wearing sweater vests a lot lately, though always paired with pants. I usually tuck my tops into skirts, and I thought that pairing vests with skirts may look too grandma-ish, especially since my vests are all of a looser fit and do not lend themselves well to being tucked in. But then again, I’ve never been afraid of looking like a grandma, so I decided to try it out. And guess what? I like it! It helps that my vest is a little shorter and the blazer gives the outfit some structure, so it doesn’t look too dumpy.

The Professor Part 2

I’ve talked about my obsession with waistcoats before, but not so much the sweater vest. I’ve always thought of sweater vests as rather dumpy/dorky, and the fact that they’re on trend makes me even less inclined to wear them. However, I’ve been following some menswear blogs and was finally convinced of the value of a nice Fair Isle sweater vest, especially worn with a tweed jacket or blazer, like here. It’s a classic/professorial look that is much more “me” than the current trend, and yes, it’s still a bit dorky, but then again, I’m a dork too, so it doesn’t matter.