Seasonal Accessories

Does anybody match their accessories/jewelry to the season? I’m not talking about colors, but rather the theme of the piece itself. Since I mostly wear brooches, I always coordinate them not just to my outfits, but to the season as well. Sometimes, they can be obvious – like a snowflake in the winter or a brown leaf in the fall or here, a bunch of flowers in the spring. Sometimes, though, I have my own logic, such as how I’d mostly wear my wooden brooches in the fall because they’re kind of rustic and in my mind, rustic = fall somehow? Anyway, it’s a long-winded way of saying that this dress may be more appropriate for the fall, but I spring it up by adding a floral brooch.

One Comment on “Seasonal Accessories”

  1. Fabulous look! Blue is a fantastic color on you.


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