SIA Inspiration: Austin Cooper

It’s my turn to host SIA, and since we’ve had some pretty classic paintings lately, I decided to choose from my other favorite source of visual art – advertisement posters. There’s something about the colorful and graphic qualities of a poster, especially if it’s done in the retro style, that I really like and think can be translated well into an outfit. Anyway, here’s my pick:

These aren’t just retro-style, they’re actual retro – created in 1924 by illustrator Austin Cooper (no, not the car) to promote the London Underground in summer/winter respectively. I chose them for the simple and colorful graphic, plus the taglines (“It is cooler/warmer down below”) sound hilariously like an ad for Hell. You can choose whichever poster you like, or take inspiration from both. Just remember to send me your outfit by next Tuesday, April 5th. Have fun!


4 Comments on “SIA Inspiration: Austin Cooper”

  1. This is such a cool pick, Salazar! I really like all the colors and the taglines are really hilarious!


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