It seems I’m unwittingly following a theme of “human-shaped brooch” this week. This outfit is built around this top though – I call it my “clown shirt” because the shape of the sleeves, so I thought I’d go with that clown theme and accessorize it with my Pierrot brooch (it is Pierrot, isn’t it? I’m not well-versed in commedia dell’arte characters, but I believe it is, with his ruffled collar, baggy clothes, and skull cap). Before the pandemic, I would hesitate to wear something like this just for working from home, but now, I didn’t even think twice about it (I’m still working from home. There have been various attempts to open schools again, but as we’re hit with waves after waves of new case, I told my students to just stick to online classes.) I mean, if I don’t wear this type of thing at home now, when or where would I ever wear it?


2 Comments on “Joker”

  1. Mike says:

    Yep, you’re correct with the pierrot reference. I only know this because I’m a fan of the original “Digimon” anime series, back when it used to come on TV in the late 90s/early 2000s, and one of the show’s main villains was a pierrot, named Piedmon. He had a very interesting outfit, complete with a skull motif and baggy trousers, with very long arms.
    And your brooch sort of looks like him!
    Hang in there; all of you. We’ll get through this…
    I just got over being sick from earlier this week. Not with COVID, but something that felt almost as bad. ‘Tis the season…

  2. Salazar, this is such a fun whimsical look! And you are right, if you aren’t going to wear it now when will you wear it?! That top and your clown brooch are magnificent! And I bet you felt so cheerful all day in this outfit!


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