Secondhand September

This is another all-thrifted outfit, except for the shoes, but they’re old, so they don’t count. In fact, they’re so beat-up that I recently had to demote them from work shoes to “errand-running” shoes, which makes me a bit sad since they’re really nice and comfy. I checked their tag and apparently, I wore them at least 20 times on the blog, which means I wore them a lot more in real life.

And speaking of thrifting, I saw the “Secondhand September” challenge floating around Instagram the other day – started by Oxfam, it’s basically a pledge to only shop secondhand for 30 days. Since I made a similar pledge to only shop secondhand forever, it’s no big deal to me. I went to the mall the other day to buy some back-to-school presents for my niece and nephew, and naturally, I checked out the sales, but I quickly walked out again when I saw the price. I’m now so used to secondhand/thrift store prices that a $40 pair of shoes (and that’s already half off!) is quite ridiculous to me.

5 Comments on “Secondhand September”

  1. That shade of coral is so pretty and looks fantastic on you! I know what you mean about having to demote a great pair of shoes. I have two pairs of Merrell sandals like that. Still comfy, but showing their wear. I haven’t quite come to the point of declaring I’ll always shop second hand, but I almost never buy anything that is not on sale. And $40 on sale, isn’t enough of a sale.


  2. This looks so good on you-coral is one of my favorite colors. I think I probably split it up between buying new, thrifting and making. Although making has taken the front seat these days. With Covid, I decided to just put a limit on what I buy-3 things a month but this also included fabric, makeup etc. So far it’s been easy but will see how the next few months go.

    • Salazar says:

      Putting a limit on the number of things you can buy is a good idea! I’m not great at sticking to a budget, but I allow myself one frivolous purchase per week (to be cut down further later on – my closet is absolutely stuffed already!)

  3. Bravo, one and all. My Smokey the Bear tee has arrived so I want to share that outfit on my blog with this SIA art. Just ordered some pants cut a lot like yours. Hope I can wear them as well as you do. Love Terri’s plaid!

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