SIA: Subpar Parks

Welcome to another week of Style Imitating Art! Our inspiration is one of Amber Share’s hilarious “Subpar Parks” posters, and we have a collection of fun, varied interpretations here, so let’s get to them!

First up is Terri, who submitted an older outfit but it has all the elements of the poster. Check out her sweet Pendleton jacket, which is making me long for fall/winter even more than usual:

Up next is one of my co-hosts, Daenel, who still managed to take photos in the midst of cleaning up after Hurricane Laura and dealing with actual face-biting bugs. We’re glad you’re OK, Daenel!

My other co-host, Kim, went with an “outdoors” theme which fits the poster perfectly:

Leslie said her Smokey the Bear tee didn’t arrive in time for SIA, which is too bad, because I’m sure it would’ve looked awesome! But her outfit is really cute too:

We can always count on Kezzie for something super cute and sweet, and her green dress with bug pins (I approve) is no exception:

And finally, here’s me:

Big thanks to everybody for participating, and don’t forget to check back next week for another inspiration!

4 Comments on “SIA: Subpar Parks”

  1. Hello Salazar, Of course, I had to drop by and see what everyone else was up to in their interpretations and was not disappointed. So, until the next SIA…take care, Terri

  2. Once again, loving all of the submissions. Terri looks so classy!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a tee. Cuuuute. Thi was a fun challenge. Everyone has done a great job with the theme.

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