SIA: Triple Portrait Of Charles II

It’s time for another SIA round-up, and this week, our inspiration is Kehinde Wiley’s “Triple Portrait of Charles II“. We have a lot of interesting interpretations, so let’s get to it!

First up, Jodie sent two photos of her mom, Charlotte, in two different outfits that are both reminiscent of the inspiration for me to pick. They’re both great, so I decided to include them both:

Up next is Nancy in a fabulous turquoise and brown retro dress:

Mike has a different interpretation of the painting. He starts out wearing his normal clothes to show he is proud of being himself. Then he added a Black History month T-shirt, and finally, to complete the “triple” part of the portrait, he convinced his brother, Marcus, to participate as well!

My co-host, Kim, chose this self-made top, which is a perfect match to the background of the painting – and she said her silver hair can mimic the silver in the painting too!

My other co-host, Daenel, chose this smart outfit to reflect the colors of the painting:

Kezzie looks super cute in her blue-printed playsuit and silver accessories:

Leslie hasn’t participated in SIA in a while, but now she’s back with a cool, casual outfit:

And finally, here’s me:

It’s been a fantastic challenge, and I hope it’s given everybody a chance to discover an amazing artist. Thank you for participating and don’t forget to check back next week for a new inspiration, courtesy of Daenel.


7 Comments on “SIA: Triple Portrait Of Charles II”

  1. I just love seeing all of the participation! Welcome back Leslie! And, Mike, you really hit it out of the park, love the triple photo!

  2. Mike says:

    Wow! Everyone did great! I love seeing all of various interpretations! There were so many ways to go about with this one. I went with the less subtle way this time, but that’s the fun of SIA, right?
    Big thanks to Salazar for including my brother in this one; my number one supporter, photographer and tech guy!
    I hope everyone has an amazing day!

  3. Great fun! So glad to be back among friends. Hope to be able to join in for SIA more often again.

    Everyone’s interpretation is a little different. Such a unique piece of art. Would like to see another SIA feature more of Wiley’s art.

  4. Everyone did such a great job and, wow, so many participants!!

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