Wedding Guest

I haven’t been to a lot of weddings since I moved home from LA – most of my high school and college friends were married by then – but one of my co-workers got married earlier this month, so I finally had an excuse to dress up a bit.

Wedding season in Vietnam is usually from late November to mid-March – it has the best weather (summer is just too damn hot and humid), and since our Lunar New Year falls around January and February, it’s when most families have food stocked up, which in the old days made it easier to hold a wedding feast. Some weddings may take place in the dead of winter, when it’s too cold to dress up (like my sister’s – she got married around Christmas), but lucky for me, this early spring wedding was the perfect time to bring out my dressier pieces – like this belt and these shoes.

3 Comments on “Wedding Guest”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Ah, what a beautiful outfit. The belt is the perfect wedding piece! The dress reminds me of Princess Kate’s Issa engagement dress. A navy dress is a classic!

  2. Mike says:

    A beautiful outfit, Salazar! That belt is amazing! It reminds me a little of how stained glass appears. It matches well with your shoes.

  3. Nadine Fei says:

    Hi, I just discovered your great blog. What a lovely outfit for beeing a wedding guest! You look amazing! I am preparing for a wedding as a maid of honor.Your dress is perfect for this occasion.
    Greetings from Vienna, xxxxx Nadine

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