Striped Embroideries

For this week’s SIA, inspired by an 18th-century embroidery sample, I immediately knew I’d wear this embroidered sweatshirt. The bottom, however, required a bit of thinking. I could pair it with my black or gray jeans and be done with it, but I wanted to do something a little different, so in the end, I decided to layer the sweatshirt on top of this striped dress to reflect the striped background of the sample. Finishing off is my trusted pair of embroidered boots, just in case there aren’t enough embroideries in this outfit.

Don’t forget to check Daenel’s blog for more outfits inspired by this work!

3 Comments on “Striped Embroideries”

  1. You were so smart to layer your sweater of the dress. The stripes were very noticeable in the inspiration embroidery.

  2. Kezzie says:

    I think your outfit is just perfect for this inspiration. The boots and jumper really remind me of the original & the stripes are a super idea. Excellent interpretation.
    I was umming& ahing over whether those were stripes or just shiny embroidery silks reflecting in places& I never did reach a conclusion! It was v ambiguous.
    I remembered to join in for a change!

  3. […] winter, plus it’s too loose on me. So far I’ve only worn it twice, once as a jacket and once with a sweater layered on top. This is another attempt to layer it in a jacket-like manner, but I […]

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