Where’s My Vacation?

Last weekend, I took my niece and nephew to see Toy Story 4 and pizzas afterward. It was kind of a reward for the kids and for myself too, because I’ve been too busy to take them on our annual trip, and with less than a month left before the new semester, it looks like I’m not going to have the time after all. I know, I know, it’s totally a #firstworldproblem, not having a vacation. At least it was nice to have one day when I didn’t have to worry about scripts or books or deadlines. And even if I’m not on vacation, I could still dress like I was!

As for the movie – I enjoyed it but found it rather sad. Not even sad in a moving way like Toy Story 3; just sad. Like, the entire Toy Story franchise has always been about how a toy should always be there for their kid, but this… (mild spoiler) it didn’t go against that theme exactly, it just took it in a different direction that I’m not sure I like. Toy Story 3 is the perfect ending already, they should’ve stopped at that. But I guess the calling of the $$$ is too strong to resist, even for Pixar.


2 Comments on “Where’s My Vacation?”

  1. Mike says:

    You are such a good aunt, Salazar. I’m sure that your niece and nephew appreciate what you do for them.
    You sound like me; too busy to take any sort of vacation. I didn’t even schedule my usual vacation week this year because I have too much to do at work.

    But speaking of work, and children’s movies, yesterday, I saw “The Lego Movie, Part 2”, as I was on what I call, “movie monitoring duty for the kids” at my job, and I found some of it to be kind of sad too. Probably in a different way than “Toy Story 4”, but still sad in a way that makes me think twice about discarding my old toys and showing them more respect, even as an adult…

    That’s a great outfit for you! It’s perfect for a hot, summery day. And I love your sunglasses!

  2. I really liked Toy Story 4, but I didn’t grow up watching them so I’m not emotionally attached to the movies, haha! And I do think TS3 was a better ending overall.

    This dress is gorgeous on you!

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