Adventures In Watercolor: Doodlewash June 2019 pt II

Here’s the second batch of my June Doodlewash paintings/sketches. July is turning out to be busier than I thought, so I don’t think I can participate in this month’s challenge, but it’s been really fun. My skill really improves by painting every day, I got more comfortable with drawing (I’ve never been great at drawing anyway) and my control of the colors and the amount of water got a lot better too. Hopefully I can paint more regularly once the entrance exams are over.

I was going to use this for the “Movies” prompt since it’s based on the sandstorm in Mad Max: Fury Road, but I decided “Sand” was more fitting

One Comment on “Adventures In Watercolor: Doodlewash June 2019 pt II”

  1. Mike says:

    You have improved, Salazar! Your paintings are so good! I particularly like your painting of the watermelon slices. I had some watermelon the other day, which was so good. Seeing your painting of it makes me want some right now!

    You keep up the great work with your paintings and drawings. I know I’ve said this before and I hope that I’m not sounding too awkward, but I’m really proud of you. Like with me, painting is becoming one of your passions. And things that you are passionate about, you do well in. It’s really good to see this!

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