Still Alive

I’m typing this with my feet firmly on my chair because I just found out there is a mother-effing cobra in our garden.

Anyway, just checking in to tell you guys that I’m still kicking… except I’ve been coughing up a lung for about three days now. Although Debbi and I did feel well enough to go to the movie’s the other day (Dark Knight Rises for the second time, it’s just too good). We took some pictures in the theater’s swanky hallway to prove that we don’t look half-dead, honestly.

On Debbi: thrifted shirt, Gap skirt, Target belt, Kohl’s boots
On me: thrifted shirt, hand-me-down jeans, Payless sneakers

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m back to freaking out because COBRA!!!

Debbi’s facial expression here is a more toned-down version of how ours are at the moment


3 Comments on “Still Alive”

  1. Sue says:

    If that cobra really wants to get you, standing on a chair ain’t gonna help . . . 😉 Hope by now it’s moved on.

  2. Cobra?! Oh god. Plus sickness… Ugh. Hope things start looking up fast!

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