From The Mall II

I feel kinda bad that since Debbi got here, the place she and I hang out at the most is actually the mall. In our excuse, the weather has been really patchy, blazing heat one day, endless rain the next, and since we were both recently sick, somewhere indoor is probably the safest place to hang out (weather-wise. I’m not quite sure about germ-wise.) Today we went to the mall again, saw a movie each (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for me and The Bourne Legacy for Debbi. Vampire Hunter is just OK, it feels oddly disjointed, like a Lincoln biopic and a vampire movie clumsily mashed into one. Bourne Legacy is apparently good), and hung out at coffee shops and bookstores.

The most sci-fi looking glass of mango juice I’ve ever seen, and a ridiculously cute lamp

Some chromatically confused coffee cups

My outfit is for this week’s Style Imitating Art, inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s “From the Plains II”:

Also, check out my new nerd glasses. I only wear glasses at the movies, so my one criteria is “frame as big as possible.” Not only do these are perfect for that, they also mean I can now dress up as Moss from The IT Crowd for Halloween.

I spilled half of my popcorn. Such a graceful creature I am

T-shirt: Old Navy, Pants: thrifted, Belt: Vietnamese shop
Shoes: thrifted via Buffalo Exchange

Don’t forget to check Thrifted Shift to see how the painting is interpreted!


6 Comments on “From The Mall II”

  1. love this post. The color combination is spot on! =)

  2. liz says:

    omg that lamp is super cute! and it matches with your outfit! love the cropped pants and your shoes are amazing! too many exclamation points!

  3. Wait- you went to see different movies?! That’s funny. Was Abe Lincoln funny? Because when I saw a preview for it a few months ago I burst out laughing and my husband told me he didn’t think it was supposed to be funny.

    • Salazar says:

      No, it’s definitely not funny. And not supposed to be. I chose to see it because “Bourne Legacy” is not really my style. I wish they had stuck to one area of his life – either Abe Lincoln as a young man/vampire hunter, or Lincoln the president who also moonlights as a vampire hunter (I would watch the hell out of that movie), but as it is, it feels very choppy.

  4. teddi says:

    i really like your casual interpretation of the look! it’s color blocking at its best. 🙂

  5. katherine says:

    ohhhh i love this entire post. your take on this outfit is one of my faves – i love those glasses. and the colors are just perfect on you. and that mall looks full of great things. i haven’t been to the movies in forever – i doubt i will see either of those movies in theaters

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