The thing I like the most about this round of 30×30 is that shoes don’t count toward the total, so I have a lot more freedom to play around with. Like today, for example, when I decided to go down into the garden and take pictures right after the rain. I didn’t trust any of my shoes to navigate the moss-covered, slippery walkways, so I put on my dad’s old gardening boots instead (the Anglophile in me wants to call them Wellington boots, but it’s too fancy a name for them.) And guess what, they actually go with the outfit.

Taco seems to have become a permanent fixture in my photos these days. Though to be fair, he seemed more interested in trying to escape through the back gate to the river bank than being in the pictures. I thought about going down there for photos one day too, but perhaps it’ll have to wait until the fall, when it’s less muddy.

T-shirt: Target (thrifted), Skirt: thrifted
Headband: Target, Boots: borrowed from my dad

One Comment on “Wellies”

  1. Love that dog! Your boots are perfect and your flower tee is adorable!

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