Weekend Round-Up #59

Oh hey Weekend Round-Up. I’ve missed you.

Still no Book of the Week, because since I’ve got home I’ve reread old favorites (such as Dream of the Red Chamber.)

COOL STUFF: (since it’s not just “Links” anymore)

– As a fashion blogger, I can totally appreciate a series of posts on how to pose like a fashion blogger (part I and II). I think I’ve been guilty of several of these… and the “in front of a brick wall or gate post” part, definitely.

– A bit old, but still relevant: why Loki actually won in The Avengers. All I can say is “Holy cow.”

– I love these whimsical artworks (uh, what do you call them? Sculptures? Installations?) of everyday object by Terry Border:

Insect couture by Australian artist Lydia Kullik perfectly combines scientific illustration and fashion:

Royal Mail just launched a series of stamps to celebrate 60 years of British fashion. Oh man, I have to get my friend in London to buy me a set… (via Tom & Lorenzo)

– An awesome stop-motion video about organic food (via Anthology Magazine):

– Finally, a silly picture of some of the Games of Throne cast members (the finale was last week and I’m already going through withdrawal. This season’s finale wasn’t as awesome as the previous one, but I still cried my eyes out.)

BLOG: Frocks and Frou Frou by Lilli. She’s adorable, she has the best collection of vintage and vintage-inspired dresses, and she’s Australian. Which means I’m super jealous of her 😛

SONG: “Welcome Home” by Radical Face. Appropriate, isn’t it?


2 Comments on “Weekend Round-Up #59”

  1. I found that Michael Pollan video interesting. I’ve read some of his work but not all of it. I read Food Rules and started Omnivore’s Dilemma, but I’m worried I’ll have to make more major life changing decisions if I keep going!

  2. ki. says:

    Whoa that ladybug dress is awesome!

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