SIA: The Guitar

Welcome to another week of SIA! Our inspiration this week is “The Guitar” by Juan Gris, and everybody did a great job interpreting it. Let’s get started!

First up is my co-host, Shelbee, who admitted that she struggled with the painting a bit, but eventually put together an outfit with all the colors, patterns, and textures (check out her wooden necklaces and earrings!), and she even included a guitar as a prop as well:

Up next is Sally, who actually planned this outfit before the inspiration went out, but it works perfectly, doesn’t it?

Marsha‘s brown embroidered dress, textured tights, and shoes all match the colors and textures of the painting very well:

Here is my other co-host, Terri, who immediately went for her multi-patterned kimono. Good choice, Terri!

And finally, here’s me:

Big thanks to everybody for participating this week! Don’t forget to come back next week for another artwork, chosen by Terri.

2 Comments on “SIA: The Guitar”

  1. Oh wow, everyone did such a great job with this one! I love all of these rich shades of fall that are coming through and the gorgeous variety of prints and patterns!


  2. Love the fall florals that were incorporated in these outfits in a such a variety of personal styles!

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